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Blaine Colt (Earth-616) from Kid Colt Vol 1 1 0001

Blane Colt as he appeared in Kid Colt: Hero of the West #1

According to sources,[1] many of Kid Colt's early adventures are merely dime store novels that were published about his exploits. Many of these tales have not been retold in their proper context. Whenever possible both accounts are identified.

Origins of Kid Colt[]

There are various accounts of the event that led to Blaine Colt becoming an outlaw. The first account incorrectly states that Blaine lived in the town of Salvation with his father. Blaine who refused to use guns earned the ire of the local sheriff and his deputy Lash Larribee who whipped him raw. His father was disgusted at Blaine's unwillingness to fight and went to confront Larribee himself. Blaine's father was killed, and the sheriff and Lash pinned the murder on Blaine, who learned the truth from his friend Gabby. Already a crack shot with Colt pistols, Blaine took his fathers' guns and gunned down the sheriff and whipped Lash to death.[2] In a second account of his origins, it is stated that Kid Colt learned how to shoot from his brother Slim who was later gunned down by outlaws out to prove they were a faster draw than him - Slim's death being the catalyst for Blaine's reluctance to initially carry a gun. In this version, it was the sheriff who killed his father, Gabby and even Lash Larribee. Also, the sheriff didn't die by Kid Colt's guns, but by being knocked off a cliff in a fist fight with Colt.[3]

In another account, Kid Colt stated that an outlaw named Markson killed his father in cold blood. Kid Colt then learned how to use his guns and left his mother behind to get revenge against Markson, killing him in a saloon and becoming an outlaw. However, as Kid Colt told this tale to a young man whom he was attempting to steer away from the life of an outlaw, this was most certainly a fabrication for the boy's sake.[4]

Yet another account, as Kid Colt tells it, is that he grew up on a small farm with his father, mother, and younger brother Jeb and that his last name is actually Cole. His father had been a former lawman and taught him to shoot. Wanting the Cole family farm for himself Joshua McGreeley, the brother of the local sheriff, killed Pa and Ma Cole while Blaine Cole was on a supply run while his brother disappeared. Blaine hunted down and shot McGreeley and his gang, becoming a wanted man.[5][6]

Whatever true facts are, what remains is that in all accounts, Blaine rode out of town on his horse Steel a wanted outlaw, and his reputation earned him the nickname Kid Colt.

Early Adventures[]

Many of Kid Colt's early adventures are undated and an exact continuity of events may be lost to myth and legend or the product of the dime store novelists who wrote tales of his adventures. Below are the adventures that are undated organized by the order in which they were told.

Early in his career as an outlaw, Kid Colt rode into the town of Mojave City where he gunned down a drunken outlaw. The locals then appointed him as the new sheriff, and the Kid assumed the alias of "Kid Arbuckle". He was told by the local banker Mr. Johnstone that the town was divided in half between the law abiding citizens and lawless outlaws. The Kid was soon pinned for murder, and Johnstone -- really in charge of the outlaws -- learned Kid Colt's true identity and attempted to pressure the Kid to turn a blind eye. Kid Colt instead gunned down Johnstone and his men and left the town to appoint a new sheriff. While out on the range, Kid Colt was approached by another outlaw named Pecos Pete, who offered to ride with Kid Colt. Colt refused and the pair were soon chased away by a posse out looking for them. The Kid was wounded and his horse Steel carried him to the Quaker town of God's Acre where he was nursed back to health and welcomed in with open arms, the locals unconcerned with his past telling him that he could forge a new one there. However, Pecos Pete followed his back trail and gunned down the man who helped Kid Colt. The Kid reclaimed his guns and gunned down Pecos Pete and then left town. On the run again, Kid Colt came to the aid of Olin Baxter whose daughter Betty had been kidnapped by the Six-Gun Syndicate's leader Cash Collins. Kid Colt was able to use his outlaw status to join the Six-Gun's and free Betty, and wipe out the gang after shooting Cash Collins between the eyes. Olin and Betty's offer to live with them was later refused by Blaine who returned to the range.[2]

Riding along the Mogollon Range, Kid Colt ran into young cowboy Dick Darnell who was looking to join Mosbey's Raiders in order to prove to his girl Louise Chassenell that he was man enough to look out for her. Seeking to detour Darnell from the life of an outlaw, Kid joined up as well, once more using his status as an outlaw to get them membership. When the Raiders chose to attack the Chassenell Ranch, Louise's father was accidentally shot dead by Dick. Kid Colt protected Dick by tracking down the raiders and killing their leader and then taking the blame for killing Louise's father. Recovering from his injuries in Whitneyville County, Kid Colt protected Frank Jennison from his vengeful brother Clyde who was sent to prison for the murder of Quinn Crawford ten years previous, a murder he did not commit. Kid made sure that cooler heads prevailed and Frank revealed that Quinn was accidentally shot dead by Clyde's son Stan. Seeing that Stan had grown up to be a good boy, Clyde decided to let his grudge slide, believing his son growing up straight and narrow was worth ten years in prison.[7] In El Stenago, Texas, Kid Colt was hired by the local military attachment (under the alias "The Kid") to investigate the accusations that Kid Colt himself had robbed military uniforms and guns to rob a gold shipment. Kid Colt instead uncovered that the leader of the gang was really local business owner Smiley Sinclair, who was using Kid Colt's bad name to throw off the authorities.[8] Early on in his career, Kid Colt rescued a reformed cattle rustler named Sorrel when he attempted to stop working for his boss Stacey.[9]

Back out on the range, Kid Colt came across a wagon that was attacked and its passengers killed, except for a lone baby. Finding a letter addressed Helen Danning asking her brother and his family to live with her on their fathers ranch, Kid Colt delivered the baby there. There, Kid Colt uncovered that Helen's uncle Amos was trying to kill off the surviving family members in order to claim ownership of the ranch, and was posing as an invalid in order to throw off suspicion.[10] After narrowly avoiding a hanging by a US marshal, Kid Colt rode into the town of Tombstone Gap where the local law enforcement was run by the outlaw Whip Savage. Kid Colt came to the aid of the Roger's family who were being terrorized by Savage's men, taking a bullet for his trouble. Patched up, Kid Colt confronted Whip Savage and gunned him down, giving the reward money to Mr. Rogers so he could buy some much needed glasses. In Roaring Gultch, Kid Colt learned a plot by the Gouger and his gang to secretly steal gold from a mine whose owner was too sick and poor to mine himself. Kid Colt used his outlaw status once more to join the gang and when they dug up the gold gunned them all down and gave it to the rightful owner. Kid Colt was once more frame for a crime he did not commit, this time for starting fires in Valley City as part of a ransom plot by outlaw Weasel Fordyce. Kid Colt was freed from his cell by his horse Steel and uncovered that the true mastermind was Mayor Cochran who was trying to cover up the fact that he was embezzling the city's funds. Kid Colt prevented Cochran from blowing up the nearby dam and turned him over to the authorities. Stopping in Junction City, Kid Colt came afoul of sailors Snake Crosby and Bos'n, who framed him for a robbery and killing a night watchman. Kid Colt managed to break out of jail once more and track the sailors to San Francisco. Overpowered, Kid Colt was taken aboard their ship the China Queen, with the sailors intending to strand Kid Colt in China. Kid Colt managed to gun down Snake Crosby and drag Bos'n back to Junction City to face justice for his crimes.[11]

Soon after, Kid Colt helped Henry Grafton and his daughter reclaim their ranch after they were forced off it by Monte Mundo.[12] While riding the range, Kid Colt was ambushed by some outlaws who were about to lynch him had they not been interrupted and scared off by an arriving sheriff. Learning that they were men in the employ of a crime boss named Fat Man Yager, who ran a nearby outlaw town, Kid Colt used his outlaw status to gain entrance into the town and employ from Yager to get revenge against the men who attacked them. Colt refused his first assignment from Yager and eliminated the men who attacked him. When Yager tried to fend off Kid Colt in his bullet proof room, it was used against him when the Kid ricocheted a bullet off the walls to strike Yager from behind his metal desk.[13] At a nearby Blackfoot reservation, Kid Colt helped prevent Sam Graham from having his cattle stolen by his old friend, turned outlaw, Ben Charters. While in another town, Kid Colt accidentally knocked out prize fighter Tiger Lowery in a bar fight and found himself forced to battle against his opponent "Jack Renault". The Kid soon uncovered that "Renault" was really fugitive boxer Rocco Rossido who was on the run after murdering an opponent in the ring. Kid defeated Rossido in the ring, even after Rossido attempted to cheat and prevented Preacher Perkins from making off with the gambling receipts. In yet another town, Kid Colt was run out by the local sheriff, only to double back into town to lose him. Returning, Kid Colt soon discovered that outlaw Blackie Barstow and his gang had used the opportunity to commit a robbery and hole up. Kid Colt helped the locals shut down Barstow and his gang and then fled after the sheriff returned to town. Once more on the run, Kid Colt ended up in a mountain range inhabited by the Giant of the Badlands the supposed grandson of the mythical character Paul Bunyan. Kid Colt came to the rescue of a nearby town terrorized by the Giant, slaying the massive man. In thanks for his help, the locals named the nearby mountains after Kid Colt.[14]

In yet another frontier town, Kid Colt encountered his old foe Trigger Bones and learned he was in the hire of local banker Cash Logan to commit robberies. After killing Bones and getting his posse arrested, Kid Colt prevented Logan from silencing them in the court house by dumping poisonous snakes into the court room.[15] Meeting a young boy named Danny Pomeroy, who could not walk and required an expensive surgery, Kid Colt tracks down and kills outlaw Comanche Briggs so that Danny's father could claim the bounty and get his son the surgery he needed.[16] Kid Colt next rode into a town where an outlaw named the Scarecrow was forcing locals to sell them their cattle for cheap in which he sold at a profit. Kid Colt organized the local ranches to foil the Scarecrow's plot. Later, Kid Colt came to the aid of a tenderfoot named John Cannon who was bilked out of his money in Wolf Pass by crooked gambler Hawk Rowan. The Kid then went to Rowan's gambling house and exposed his crooked operation, then assisted the locals in gunning Rowan and his men down. The Kid then turned over his winnings to the local priest to convert the gambling house into a church before leaving town.[17] In Cuttonwood Gultch, Kid Colt found himself in the middle of a theft of a Chinese idol stolen by international jewel thieves. Thanks to the Kid's lightning fast draw and the thieves natural tendency to betray each other, Kid Colt managed to recover the idol and return it to it's rightful owners.[18]

While out on the range, Kid Colt came to the rescue of Priscilla Purdy and had his horse Steel stolen from him by her for his troubles. He soon learned that Priscilla was being forced to marry Jim Togan who wanted to claim her fathers ranch and held Mr. Purdy hostage. The Kid rescued Chance Prudy and they shot down Togan before the final wedding vows could be made.[19] In the town of Copper Gultch, Kid Colt learned that the local sheriff Ed Peters went from fearless lawman to drunk, the Kid decided to help him out in order to restore the faith Ed's son had in his father. Ed was later fatally shot, prompting Kid Colt to disguise himself as Ed and clean up town so that the locals, and Ed's son believed that Ed died a hero.[20] Seeking refuge in the immigrant community of New Turkey, Kid Colt learned that the area was plagued by a supposed werewolf. Kid Colt however exposed locals Jan Strike and a trapper named Wolf were behind the attacks by spraying their victims with wolf lure and sicking their pet wolf on them. Learning that this was a plot to drive people out of town and claim the oil rich land for themselves, Kid Colt wiped out the men before their plan could come to fruition. In Chyanneville, Kid Colt came to the aid of Chris Durbin, rescuing his daughter Sylvia who was taken hostage by Snake Sorenson who was attempting to pressure Chris into revealing the location of his secret gold mine.[21] Once more on the run from the law, Kid Colt sought refuge in the town of Crippled Creek in the Moshulu Mountain Range. There he came to the aid of Larry Laribee who was framed for a bank robbery by his brother Chet.[22]

Kid Colt later found himself forced into helping sheriff Hook Creech in hunting down the outlaw known as the Mad Monk. Exposing that Creech himself posed as the Monk along with his partner Frank Jepson and stopped them dead when they tried to silence him.[23] Apprehended, Kid Colt was brought to trail for his crimes. However, Judge Sampson, having heard of some of Kid Colt's heroic efforts agreed to let him go if he helped rescue his daughter from outlaw Injun Mantog who kidnapped her in revenge against the Judge for sending him to prison. Kid Colt rescued Sampson's daughter leaving Mantog to drown in the hidden valley where he was holed up.[24] Kid Colt was apprehended once again by relentless US Marshall Frosty Forbes. Handcuffed to Forbes, Kid Colt was forced to cross a raging river by boat. When the boat capsized, Forbes had drowned while they were washed ashore. They were recovered, and Colt freed from the cuffs by Mr. Greville who had coincidentally called for Forbes to protect him from an uprising of the locals in his town. Pretending to be Forbes, Kid Colt accompanied Greville back to town where he learned that Greville had cheated the locals by selling them worthless land. When Greville revealed that he saw through Kid Colt's ruse and offered him to help leave town with the money, the Kid gunned Greville and his accomplices down and returned the money to its rightful owners.[25]

Later, Kid Colt came to the aid of his friend Clay Tindell to stop the Brain a murderous business man from New York who built a castle in the area while he amassed wealth and an army to take over the west and make it his own kingdom. Hunted by Marshall Bender, Kid Colt went to New York City to find evidence that the Brain was up to illegal activity, gaining the grudging assistance of Bender. Attacking the Brain's castle, Kid Colt confronted the mad man, who took his own life instead of facing justice. In the aftermath, Bender allowed Kid Colt to leave town.[26] However, Kid Colt's luck with the law continued to work against him when he was caught by Marshall Carlos Grimm, a lawman who always got his man. Kid Colt was rescued by outlaw Apache Coombs, who tied Grimm to a stake to be eaten alive by ants and vultures. Unable to leave Grimm to his fate, Kid Colt rescued him only to be attacked by Coombs and his men. Kid Colt and Grimm worked together to gun down Coombs and his men, saving each others lives many times. His pride making him unable to apprehend Kid Colt for saving his life, Grimm's sense of duty dictated that he resign for letting an outlaw go, however Kid Colt helped preserve Grimm's pride by punching him out and "escaping" capture.[27]

In Long Valley, Kid Colt prevented the slaughter of a village of Mexican immigrants when a man named Mr. Cullen attempted to incite a war between ranchers and the Mexicans over water. Colt next worked on the ranch owned by Helen Hilton despite warning that the ranch was supposedly haunted. Kid Colt exposed the "ghost" to be local rancher Mr. Lawton, who was attempting to drive Helen off the property so he can move his stolen cattle and sell it outside the region.[28] Hiding out from the law, Kid Colt was invited in by a family and learned that their little boy idolized Kid Colt and wanted to grow up to be an outlaw. When the Kid exposed the boy's uncle as a ruthless cattle rustler, he helps change the boys mind about outlaw life. In the town of Blessing, Kid Colt helped teach ruthless sheriff Lee Jackson that his uncompromising sense of law and order was too harsh when his son was implicated in a frame up of a horse robbery. Kid Colt soon after discovered that sheriff Jeff Pace of Lake Chance City was offering a $500 reward for his capture. As a matter of pride, Kid Colt terrorized the town and captured Pace and forced him to up the reward to $1000, a reward befitting of his celebrity. Fleeing the law once more, Kid Colt stumbled into an old mine and right in the middle of the Ox's plot to sell weapons to a local Native American tribe, and shut down the operation. Kid Colt later came to the aid of yet another frontier sheriff, this one having become gun-shy after an altercation with the ruthless Anslen brothers. When the sheriff's fiancée Jane was endangered he overcame his fear and helped Kid Colt take down the Anslen gang.[29]

Kid Colt next appeared in the Texas town of Borderland that resided on the Mexican border. There he learned that a number of outlaws operated on Badman's Island located on a river on the boarder, just outside of the reach of US lawmen. Kid Colt then joined the gang and orchestrated a plot that drained the river and left the criminals of Badman's Island to be captured.[30] Kid Colt ride into Gunbutt Storms and learned that the local Comanche tribe was being framed for murder. Maintaining peace between the Comanches and settlers, Kid Colt exposed the real killer as banker Simon Grubb who sought to profit from a war between the two factions. The Kid gave comeuppance to yet another braggart of a sheriff, this time in Roaring Gap. There Kid Colt goaded sheriff Cahill into a fight and beat him, stealing the towns cache of $5000 for good measure. Riding along the rails, Kid Colt encountered an eastern card shark get thrown from a passing train for cheating in a card game. The man attempted to steal Kid Colt's horse, but Steel bucked the man off allowing Kid Colt to tie him up and leave him for the next train. Kid Colt was soon captured by the locals of a nearby town and was about to be hung when he was freed by the sheriff, who Kid Colt was surprised to see was Sorrel, the reformed rustler he rescued two years earlier. Chase out of the town of Buzzard's Roost, Kid Colt was helped by Whip Lassiter and his gang and indebted to them. Forced to commit crimes, Kid Colt did not like Lassiter's senseless murder of those he robbed. During a botched bank robbery, Kid Colt saved Lassiter's life freeing him from his word, and Kid Colt then gunned Lassiter down in a draw.[9] Pursued by US Marshall Bulldog Crandall became something of an amusement for Kid Colt, who began mocking the lawman at every opportunity. However, Kid Colt came to Crandall's rescue when he and his daughter Ellen were captured by a band of renegade Comanches. In saving Bulldog's life, Kid Colt convinced the lawman to give up his profession and become a travelling preacher.[3]

While chasing the Dalton Gang, Kid Colt was arrested in Jack-Knife City. However the Kid managed to break out of his cell and capture each of the gang members, placing them in his cell before leaving town unnoticed. While passing through another town, he came to the aid of a young woman and her brother Billy. When Billy came to idolize Kid Colt, the Kid convinced him that being an outlaw was not something to aspire to be. Blaine was later captured by a renegade band of Navajo renegades when he tried to stop them from robbing a stage coach. He was tortured, but managed to break free and led the Navajos into a valley where he caused a stampede of buffalo to trample his pursuers.[31] Kid Colt next helped Flying Cloud liberate his tribe from renegade Native Americans, helped a young boy tame his own horse, stopping Butt Masterson from running ranchers off their land. Later, while running from the law he encountered Bulldog Sutton a US Marshall who was hunting him. After hearing the Bull Masterson story, he let Kid Colt go free.[32]

In New Hope, Arizona, Kid Colt liberated the town from Banker Haines who was attempting to control the town using outlaws as his enforcers.[33] Kid Colt later cleared the name of Smokey Joe Underhill who was framed by sheriff Dick Glover for murder.[34] The Kid once more earned his freedom after saving a sheriff's daughter from the likes of Durango Jake and his gang. He also aided young Kit Landers recover money stolen from his family by Jack Blackwell and his gang. In the state of Arizona, Kid Colt shut down the gambling operations set up by eastern cardsharp Shad Clayburn.[35] Kid Colt's luck ran out for him when he was captured by sheriff Jack Harris, however when the Kid treated Harris after his horse tripped over a gopher hole instead of fleeing, winning his freedom once more.[36] In Wyoming, Kid Colt was framed for murdering a Native American by Moccasin Joe Cass, but the Kid eventually cleared his name. He also convinced young Roy Lang that the life of an outlaw was not what it was cracked up to be.[37] Later, the Kid protected a pair of silver spurs that contained a map to a long lost Toltec treasure and returning it to the Mexican government.[38]

Kid Colt was later ambushed by Doc Shore and his gang who sought to turn him over to the law, but the Kid found an ally in Chip Howell, one of Shore's men, when Kid Colt explained that shore had murdered Chip's father years earlier. After stopping a gang of gold thieves who robbed the bank in Jericho, Kid Colt traveled to Six-Mile Creek where he assisted Sheriff Matt Stevens drive out Sierra Kane and his gang.[39] While travelling along the Masabi range, the Kid put a stop to Jack Shellfire's cattle rustling.[40] In the town of Goliad, Kid Colt surrendered himself when outlaw Bill Yancy tricked him into thinking he had accidentally shot Jamie Masters, the son of US Marshal Luke Masters. However, when they realized the fame up, but the Kid and Masters brought Yancy to justice.[41] Kid Colt next clashed with cardsharp Duke Laval, helped a young Pawnee brave named Little Chipmunk earn the respect of his people, and help evacuate the people of Rio Feliz when it was threatened by bush fires set by outlaw Boot Merrill.[42] Kid Colt briefly lost his guns to slave trader Arab Leech, but managed to recover them before the coward could auction them off.[43] He later stopped Banker Crane and his gang of coach thieves, taught young Chip Kane how lonely it is on the trail, and stopped Yuma Butell from trying to steal his guns.[44]

Kid Colt next came to the aid of a town terrorized by Ahab Ravage, the brutal town judge who had his son Judas execute those accused of crimes, even if they were found innocent by a jury.[45] After, Kid Colt avenged the death of his friend Pete Townsend by killing his murderer, outlaw Faro Kirk. When he was seriously wounded by an outlaw named Blackie, Kid Colt was nursed to health by a local Native American tribe and soon got bloody revenge against Blackie and his posse. After taming a wild black stallion, Kid Colt comes to believe it is cursed when anyone who tries to take it from his dies. Kid Colt recovered the cursed horse and set it loose again. In one of his more macabre adventures, Kid Colt clashed with outlaw Simon Leech an outlaw whose neck was broken by a botched hanging and was apparently restored to mobility by Native American magic. This magic however, was not enough to save Leech from Kid Colt's guns.[46] Kid Colt later prevented a war between area Apaches and settlers that was instigated by an outlaw named Mantee and his Native American outlaw Black Lance.[47]

After a savage beating by Pike Farrow and his gang, Kid Colt needed three weeks to recover before getting bloody revenge. Later towns on the border of Texas were terrorized by the so-called Legion of the Dead, Kid Colt helped the US Army wipe them out, revealing that they were really Mexican outlaws posing as the resurrected Mexican army that died at the Alamo. He later came to the aid of the town of Lasso, stopping Spider Kane and his gang from having it trampled in a bison stampede.[48] Soon after, Kid Colt was framed for the murder of a US marshal by an outlaw named Cantrel, but eventually cleared his name. In Durango, Mexico, Kid Colt rescued the father of Chip Chisholm who was a prisoner of bandits who sought the location of the lost treasure of the Teocalca. In the town of Los Pintos, Kid Colt was struck with amnesia fighting Cabe Lynx. His memory was restored after encountering Lynx's gang again, and miraculously gunned down the whole gang.[49] Returning to Mexico, Kid Colt upstaged El Jaguar in a rodeo. When the vengeful bandit later captured Kid Colt, he was rescued by Mexican hero the Black Sombrero.[45]

While fleeing an outlaw named Slocum, Kid Colt was hunted by an easterner mockingly named the Dude who was trying to prove he had what it took to live in the west. However after Kid Colt saves the Dude's life, the pair worked together to take down Slocum. Later, Kid Colt's gunslinging ways were shaken when he was tricked into thinking he shot his friend's son. This was all a ruse set up by outlaw Bull Fallon. When the deception was revealed, Kid Colt returned to the life of the gun to wipe out Fallon and his men.[50] Kid Colt later liberated the town of Salt Lick from Frisco Foyle, battled El Jaguar along the Mexican border, and helped clear his name when he was framed for the slaughter of Apache warriors winning his right to gain vengeance against the real killers.[51] In one of his more mundane episodes, Kid Colt humiliated Champ Gannon in order to convince a group of school children the importance of getting a good education. Later, in Tarantual Flats, Kid Colt exposed Spider Kane's intricate coach robbing operation which involved dropping a spider-web shaped net across a tight canyon. He later cleared the name of Vince Newkirk who was framed for murder by Gus Hyatt.[52]

Shortly thereafter, Kid Colt helped Kip Roan locate his long lost father Craig, working together to stop Blackie Thorp. He also broke up Hutch Gafferny's outlaw school, and helped Locus Pass' marshal Sam Bradley prevent Panhandle Payne from robbing the local bank.[53] Kid Colt had a brief brush with the supernatural when he assisted a local tribe of Pueblo people from an attack from Apache warriors supplied by white settlers. Kid Colt witnessed as the Manidoog god known as the Black Ogre appeared in the battle to kill the outlaws for using his image to frighten to Pueblo people.[54]

Injured by horse rustlers, Kid Colt lost his horse Steel to them, but after healing found Steel -- who had been badly beaten -- on the auction block. He bought his horse back and killed the men who stole and tortured his beloved horse. After convincing Miss Winthorpe -- an easterner visiting her uncle -- that the west was not so bad, Kid Colt helped put out a fire deliberately set in the town of Fargo, and stopped the outlaws responsible.[55] In a role reversal, Kid Colt found himself deputized by the dying Marshall Frisk Kirby and used his brief power under the law to liberate the town of Saddlehorn from Razor Kendall and his gang. During this operation he enlisted the aid of his friends Riata Cruz and Bat Cantrell.[56] Kid Colt later flushed out a conspiracy to steal government gold within Fort Stag. He later helped Jim Ballard recover the supposedly cursed Black Nugget, and fought to the death with an outlaw named Devlin.[57]

Coming to the aid of rancher Amos Light who was being forced to pay protection money from Stilleto Gorn.[58] Later, Kid Colt stopped the Lasher gang from robbing the Double D ranch, avenged the death of Native Americans and quelled their leader Red Cloud who briefly went berserk, and saw Gaffer Lennox and his insane son Cabe put down.[59] When a tribe of Comanches were being forced off their land by a rancher named Ringo, Kid Colt stopped the attempt, then helped a near sighted sheriff eliminate Blackjack Sherman and helps young Jimmy Kirk clear his name when he was accused of stealing from the local candy shop.[60] Kid Colt was later hired and once again briefly deputized in order to clear out the town of Land's End which was terrorized by outlaw Bat Calhoun and his gang.[61]

He later liberated a town under the tyranny of crooked rancher Nan Carstairs. Kid Colt once again found a brief moment of peace when he was injured and brought to the Quaker town of Hidden Valley. There he gave up his violent ways and fell in love with a woman named Pracilla Castle. However when Turk Masters and his gang discovered the isolated community, Kid Colt returned to his gunslinging ways to wipe them out and save the town, but found himself having to leave in exile as a result. In one of his more bizarre adventures, Kid Colt uncovered a stage coach robbery scheme in Greasewood Junction perpetuated by crooked lawman Ringer Blazely who used the circus gorilla Toto the Wonder Ape to rob the coaches.[62] Later in Carson City, Kid Colt foiled mayor Jess Kruger's attempt to start a war between the local Crow tribe by supplying them with guns and liquor.[63]

Kid Colt was later captured by Marshal Frosty Dance, but when the Kid rescued Dance from an Apache attack the lawman let him go free. He later rescued the daughter of a wealthy rancher from Cat Hardin and his gang then defended Jed Martin's ranch from outlaw Frog Rankin.[64] In Killerstown, outlaw El Tigre tricked Kid Colt into thinking he shot and killed a young boy, making the outlaw hero swear off violence. However learning that the boy was alive and well and was actually shot by El Tigre, the Kid returned to the way of the gun and wiped out El Tigre and his gang. Kid Colt then saved yet another lawman out to get him, this time Sheriff Macklin who was also attacked by Apaches. Later Kid Colt helped clear the name of a man known only as Houn' Dog who was being forced to rustle cattle by his sister.[65] Travelling to the south to avoid the law, Kid Colt was hired by Colonel Farnsworth to protect his son Tip, who he was sending down river. Kid Colt saved Tip after he got into trouble with gambler Ace Bannock.[66] Not long after, Kid Colt was framed for a train robbery, but helped stop the real thieves, the Poe gang. He also stopped the owner of the Great Western Freighter Company who was using murder and other heavy handed tactics in an attempted hostile take over of the Starr Freighters Company. Kid Colt then exposed a trader named Kessler who was selling alcohol to a tribe of Blackfoot in order to incite a war between the tribe and US Army.[67]

When rancher Johnny Falcon was framed for rustling by his rival Sam Labowe, Kid Colt stepped in and helped clear Johnny's name. Similarly, Kid Colt helped yet another rancher named Adams protect his water rights from his rival, Saunders. He later exposed a coach owner named Crawley who was attempting to frame a local Comanche tribe for attacks on the Forbes rail line in order to secure a shipping monopoly in the region.[68] Wounded while escaping the law, Kid Colt was saved and nursed back to health by an old man named Alkali. When Alkali was later murdered by outlaw Scar Mason for his gold, Kid Colt avenged his death.[69] Not long after Kid Colt was forced to repay a debt to fellow outlaw Pony Smith who was attempting to stop rancher Dan Calhoun from getting his cattle to a Chippiwa reservation under the terms of his contract so he could buy up the cattle cheaply and reap a hefty price in resale. During the initial raid, Kid Colt saved Pony's life, releasing him from his debt and slew the outlaw and his confederates.[70] Kid Colt later aided a prospector named Dusty defend his gold stake from hired killer Jim Bearden. When Renegade Comanche warrior Running Bear kidnapped the daughter of a US army colonel, Kid Colt came to the aid of Comanche chief White Cloud to rescue the girl and prevent a war from breaking out. Learning that the Clarion newspaper was publishing stories professing Kid Colt's innocence, Kid Colt went to personally thank the publisher only to find that he was being terrorized by a local gang for writing stories about their crimes. Kid Colt helped defend the Clarion's right to freedom of the press.[71]

Kid Colt later accepted an invitation to participate in the wedding of his Native American friend White Cloud to Dawn Star. When White Cloud's rival Black Wolf attempted to force Dawn Star to marry him, Kid Colt prevented this from happening. Kid Colt soon stumbled upon the Silver Lode Mine whose owners were using slave labor to mine for silver and liberated the enslaved workers. Later, when Ted Fuller was to testify against the Nelson gang in court, Kid Colt risked his own capture to insure that Ted made it to court alive.[72] Travelling to the town of Leadville, Kid Colt helped local lawmen stop Squint Kramer and his gang.[73] He later stopped outlaw Burke Doyle from enlisting a poor rancher into robbing a stage coach.[74] Later when a bigoted settler named Lawson killed a Comanche visitor in cold blood, Kid Colt insured that he was turned over to the Comanches for justice. Later he taught Greg Peterson the errors of wanting to be an outlaw by taking down Jack Brent, the man attempting to lure Peterson into the life. Soon after Kid Colt helped a group of rancher mobilize against outlaw Chuck Grimes.[4] Kid Colt later earned the ire of outlaw Chess Parr who put a price out on his head, but every assassin fell under the Kid's guns and learning who put the contract out on him, Kid Colt slew Parr as well. Not long after, Kid Colt prevented a pair of crooked arms dealers from inflaming a Comanche tribe into going to war. Shortly after that, Kid Colt was framed for a coach robbery by Frank Palmer, but his name was cleared with the help of Palmer's abused nephew Billy.[75]

After Kid Colt thwarted an attempt by Killer Kane to murder the wife of Sheriff Down, the sheriff -- unaware of Kid Colt's identity and outlaw status -- deputized the outlaw hero who then assisted in bringing Killer Kane to justice, and then left town before Down realized who he really was.[76] The Kid was next framed for a bank robbery by Simon Bleak, but like in other frame job, Kid Colt cleared his name and escaped the law.[77] Next he helped a father and his daughter protect their gold prospect from an outlaw named Stone.[78] Once again Kid Colt was framed for a crime he did not commit, this time the murder of Copper City's sheriff, however Kid Colt exposed the real killer -- a gambler named Channon -- who sought to eliminate the sheriff in order to expand his crooked gambling operations.[79] Not long after, Kid Colt exposed Conway and Dupres, two traders who murdered Native American chief Powa-Hatu in order to steal furs from his tribe. When another one of his friends was murdered, Kid Colt avenged his friend's death by taking down his killer, Verne Fargo. He also exposed wealthy rancher Cora Williams as the leader of a band of rustlers stealing cattle from her neighbors.[80] Kid Colt also repaid a debt to his late friend Sam Marshal, helping protect his surviving family and ranch from an outlaw named Colby.[81] Kid Colt also helped clear the name of Dirk Mason who was framed of murdering gambler Sam Taylor by a rival card sharp.[82]

When Axle City was taken over by outlaw Bull Matthew and his gang, Kid Colt was the only man brave enough to go in alone and liberate the town. Later Kid Colt was hunted by Running Creek, a Native American warrior who sought to prove he was the better warrior. Uninterested in fighting, Kid Colt was forced to battle Running Creek to the death. The Kid later helped Joan Mason protect her family gold mine from their neighbor Mr. Wilson, who murdered Joan's brother to try and learn its location.[83] When Kid Colt's friend Sam Lawson was murdered by Bob Denning, the Kid tracked down Lawson's killer and slew him in a draw.[84] Not long after, Kid Colt helped protect Alice Ferguson's ranch from the Night Riders, who were in turn hired by her lawyer Jay Sloan who hoped to force her into selling her land so that he in turn could sell it to the local railroad company for a hefty profit.[85] Called to Mexico by his friend Perez, Kid Colt helped rescue Perez's daughter Juanita from an outlaw named Sanchez. Returning to the United States, Kid Colt helped rid the town of Clayville from local bully Jesse Lane. Back on the range, the Kid came to aid a group of settlers save face and get safe travels across Native land when Mapes, their bigoted guide, callously shot a Native American warrior who sought an offering for safe passage through their land.[86] Kid Colt was later approached by outlaw Jeff Crane to join up, Kid Colt refused and later stopped Crane from robbing the Rockville Wells Fargo office.[87] He later helped the Cobb Railroad Company recover their stolen payroll from the Bennett gang in Skull City.[88]

While fleeing some outlaws, Kid Colt was seriously wounded and nursed back to health by an elderly prospector known only as Old-Timer. When the outlaws later killed Old-Timer, Kid Colt avenged his death.[89] After convincing a young boy named Chess that the life of an outlaw was no thing for a boy, Kid Colt came to the aid of his Native American friend Running Creek get revenge against the men who killed his father in order to loot the tribe's ancestral burial ground. He later liberated the town of Shady Corners from Link Stanton and his gang.[90] The Kid was later challenged by Native American warrior Chiwappa who tried to best the outlaw hero, however the Kid won Chiwappa's respect when he rescued the brave from a bear.[91] He later helped restore the memory of his friend Sally's father a major in the US military, who had sided with an outlaw gang after suffering a blow to the head.[92] Kid Colt also helped protect Sue Simms property from Jeb Rawlins, exposes a series of bank robberies perpetrated by travelling medicine man Walter Q. Calhoun, and avenged the death of his friend Jim Parkins by hunting down his killer, Vince Corbett.[93] Kid Colt was seriously wounded once again when he clashed with a Mexican outlaw called Pepito. He was once more nursed back to health by locals who saw his need and he eventually eliminated Pepito and his gang.[94] In one of his stranger adventures, Kid Colt later slew an outlaw named Kroll who used trailed eagles to attack and loot stagecoaches.[95]

Kid Colt next fell victim of a phony Native American medicine man named Kali, who had convinced his fellow tribesmen that if they tortured Kid Colt it would drive white men off their ancestral land. Instead, Kid Colt showed his bravery by not crying out during any of the tortures and eventually won his freedom by winning a battle to the death with Kali.[96] Kid Colt later liberated a valley that was caught in the middle of a war between outlaws King and Luke Stanton. Later the Kid helped his friend Gus protect his gold prospect form an outlaw named Maddox, and then hunted down and killed outlaw Jess Keegan.[97]

Outlaw in Name Only[]

According to later texts, while Kid Colt still was technically an outlaw, he was only so in name only and law enforcement officials stopped hunting him due to his reputation. These texts also state that Kid Colt went through a period of time where he ceased killing his opponents, instead using his shooting skills to disarm his enemies and then resorting to his fists to defeat them.[98] However, it has since been stated that these events were romanticized fictions from dime store novels that were inaccurately based on real events.[1][99]

During this period Kid Colt came to the aid of quick tempered Bob Fletcher helping him clear his name for the murder of a gambler named Spade which was carried out by Spade's rival Rocky. He also prevented a young boy named Ted from being murdered by his own uncle who sought to claim the family ranch before Ted reached the age of majority. The Kid also aided flood ravaged Mayville and stopped the Hoaks gang from looting the town.[100] Kid Colt was later captured by Pepito Chavez and his gang who then forced him to lead an ambush on a US Army wagon train to raid for supplies and weapons. However the Kid double crossed Chavez and his gang by leaving a message for the soldiers written in pebbles, and they were subsequently captured. After defending Miss Peters' ranch from a vengeful former ranch hand, he helped clear the name of an innocent young man who was framed for killing the co-owner of the Ajax Mining Company.[101] He later helped an old man defend his cabin when it was attacked by the remnants of the Joe Garth gang who came seeking their dead leaders hidden loot.[102] The Kid was also a spectator when the Vance gang was acquitted due to the mysterious death of the only witness during their trial, he later stopped the gang from robbing a stagecoach. Coming to the aid of his friend Sheriff Frank, Kid Colt investigated Danny Lawson's string of coach robberies, he exposed his wife "Cora" as Ginny Lawson, Danny's sister and quashed their operations. He also stopped Mr. Wiley's attempts to ruin the Central Rail Road Company so he could purchase it cheaply.[103]

In Sleepy Valley, Kid Colt liberated the town from Chess Barlow and his gang. He then came to the aid of a young pacifist, beating Bull Legress, the town bully into submission. Kid Colt later succeeded in capturing Flint Waters and his gang from robbing a Wells Fargo Express. However, Waters quickly escaped captivity and was recaptured by Kid Colt after a failed assassination attempt on the outlaw hero.[104] Later, Kid Colt prevented lawyer Leroy Garson from murdering his friend Charlie Jenson, owner of the Mesa Mining Company.[105] Later, Kid Colt was ambushed by the Brisby gang who stole his horse Steel. Despite their efforts to tame Steel, the horse broke free and returned to his master and the two hunted down the gang and brought them to justice. In the town of Big Gap, Kid Colt prevented Steve Traux from fixing the local mayoral election. Soon after this, Kid Colt aided his friend Sue Taylor protect the map to her late uncle Steve's mine and keep it out of the grips of Mr. Bowels.[106] Kid Colt later cleaned out the town of Stockton after a crooked gambler named Frenchie settled in the area. That winter Kid Colt fought through a band of renegade Native Americans, wolves, coach robbers and braved the elements so he could make it to the birthday party of the son of a close friend. Kid Colt helps a man named Dawson clear his name after he is framed by his brother Ed for the murder of Danny More.[107] The Kid was next worked along side the United States Army in capturing Hawk Jarvis and his gang.[108]

Continuing to be there for those in need, Kid Colt put a stop to the Cory gang; defended the Gardner family from Ward Bascomb and his gang; helped Ben Jenson defend his gold mine from the Gorth gang;[109] the hero cleared the name of Ted Stewart who was framed for the murder of Fred Chaney; and assisted elderly Sheriff Potter clear out the Clooney gang; helped defend Ann and Oliver Marshal's mine from the Mallon gang.[110] The Kid was later captured and forced to rob a stagecoach by the Boyle gang, however Kid Colt tracked the gang down and captured them, clearing his name.[111] Kid Colt later came to the aid of ranchers who had the water they needed dammed off by wealthy rancher Calvin Mapes. With the help of Mapes daughter Anne, Kid Colt exposed that her father was being exploited by his foreman Sloane who sought to kill Mapes and take over the valley, and put a stop to his plans.[112] Not long after this, Kid Colt learned that his old foe Jed Garner had put a price on his head, and soon apprehended Garner with the help of another gunslinger named Fresno. He also stopped the Spencer gang from stealing the cattle owned by Jim Russell, taught a young boy and his father the importance of owning a gun after saving them from a mountain lion. Kid Colt also came to the aid of Bob Daley and his nephew Lennie, protecting them from a local bully named King.[113]

Blaze of Glory[]

In 1885, Kid Colt was being hunted by the bounty hunter Gunhawk not just for the bounty but because Colt had shot a sheriff who was a friend of the Gunhawk's. Although Colt had been pursued for 15 years by that time, he had become more reckless and trigger-happy, which may explain the Gunhawk's ruthless pursuit of him. Kid Colt had been recruited, alongside Rawhide Kid, by Reno Jones to help defend the town of Wonderment, Montana from the Nightriders. Gunhawk, alongside Pinkerton Agent Caleb Hammer, who was also searching for Kid Colt, followed Colt to Wonderment where they ended up joining the fight to defend the town. As soon as the Nightriders began to fall, however, Gunhawk turned on Colt and shot him in the back. Hammer was so disgusted by the Gunhawk's contempt for Colt that he shot the Gunhawk dead.[114]

Modern Era[]

Kid Colt's death at the battle for Wonderment was faked, with assistance by Rawhide Kid and Caleb Hammer, so that Kid Colt could retire from the gun slinging life of an outlaw and live out his days in peace. How long this lasted isn't clear but at some point Kid Colt ended up going through a strange portal that left him unstuck from time. Colt has no memory of how he got to this domain, as he wasn't sure if something erased his mind or his years of drinking and opiate use has affected his memory. He wasn't alone here, as numerous travelers, adventures, and soldiers from all across history populated this strange dimension.[115] Colt, now an old man, and the many other residents of this domain were freed by Skaar who pulled them all through a portal in the Savage Land where they helped defend the Savage Land from the Designer's army.[116]

Whether Kid Colt and the many other time displaced travelers stayed in the Savage Land or where they went after this is unknown, but Colt apparently did pass away at some point. He was mentioned by Two-Gun Kid as having crossed his path in the afterlife.[117]


Below are some of the adventures of Kid Colt that have dates ascribed to them. Given that Kid Colt was heavily active in the 1870s and 1880s, it seems unlikely that many of these dates are accurate, given that by 1885 Kid Colt is depicted as a man in his early 30s.

It was stated that in November of 1842, Kid Colt was pursued by Texas Ranger Bat Hammond into Mexico. There the Kid defended Hammond from an ambush from local outlaws, winning his freedom and Hammond's respect. On August 10, 1849, Kid Colt rescued a tribe of Paiute from Breed Borden who had enslaved them to mine for gold. In September of 1852, Kid Colt traveled to Medicine Bow where he taught Jimmy Raymond the error of trying to hunt for outlaws.[118] On April 5, 1854, Kid Colt helped Comanche warrior Black Arrow hunt down and kill a mountain lion. The Kid liberated Trigger City from Zeb Harris and his gang during the hot summer day of August 25, 1861. Kid Colt helped the sheriff of Shotgun City liberate the town from Blast Yancy and his gang on August 9, 1868.[119] In August of 1871, Kid Colt liberated the Okachee trading post in Oklahoma from Chip Mandrel and his gang who discovered gold there.[37]

Encounter with Time Travelers[]

In 1873, Kang the Conqueror a time traveler from the 31st Century of Earth-6311 came to the 19th Century of Earth-616 in order to conquer that time period. Taking over the town of Tombstone, its lone hero the Two-Gun Kid sent out the call for help to other heroes of the frontier. The Kid Colt joined forces with Two-Gun and his other allies, Ringo Kid, the Rawhide Kid and the Night-Rider, however the posse were driven back by Kang's genetically engineered creature and the enthralled citizens of Tombstone.[120] The group fell back but were soon joined by Hawkeye a hero from the modern era who had battled Kang in his relative past along side the 20th century heroes, the Avengers. They were also joined by two other time displaced Avengers, the thunder god Thor and the Titanian priestess Moondragon who were brought to that era by another time traveller named Immortus (who unknown to all was Kang's older self). Kid Colt joined the other western heroes and Avengers in preventing Kang from securing a shipment of uranium.[121]


At some point he met Abigail and the pair fell in love. However, he was still pursued by many outlaws. After defeating Rattler Roxson he was about to leave Abigail to protect her. However her father convinced him to take on a new identity and start a new life. Colt retired and many years passed during which he and Abigail, ran a hotel together, were seemingly married and had a child.[122]


Power Grid[123]
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He was a skilled gunfighter and horseman.


Kid Colt had a fiery temper.



Kid Colt's Guns

Kid Colt's Colt .45 Pistols

Kid Colt wielded two Colt .45 pistols. He also occasionally used a lariat.


He rode a horse named Steel.


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