Anaconda, alongside her teammates in the Serpent Society, battled the Avengers in a subway station after taking a group of hostages. During the confrontation, Anaconda battled Thor, throwing a subway train at the hero. She managed to escape with King Cobra when Ant-Man intervened, as the Serpent Society had been his patients.[1]

Anaconda and the Serpent Society later resurfaced after the Skrull Invasion, freeing King Cobra and Viper from S.H.I.E.L.D. custody. This led to an underground battle between the Society and Captain America. Spider-Man joined in the fight, assisting Captain America and rescuing civilians caught in the crossfire. As the tunnel began to collapse, Viper ordered the Serpent Society to retreat.[2]

When a mysterious vigilante known as Yellowjacket (secretly Hank Pym) began hunting costumed criminals, the Serpent Society were primary targets. Anaconda and her teammates were believed to have been killed by the vigilante, though they had really been shrunk down to miniature size. The Avengers discovered this plot and tried to save themselves and the Serpent Society, though the groups clashed. Anaconda fought the Wasp, but was eventually defeated. With the Society unconscious, the Avengers were free to save them from being crushed by the collapsing prison. Anaconda and the others were presumably taken into custody.[3]

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