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Blank Knight was a superheroe and a member of the super-heroe team Offengers, headquartered in the Offengers Mansion. The Blank Knight found that his female partner in the team, She-Bulk, was attractive, and he smiled while oogling at her.[1]

At that point, the villain Scarecrow manipulated the super-heroe team X-Persons to make them believe that the villain Puppet Mister was mind-controlled the Offengers for evil. At the same time Scarecrow also tricked Doctor Droolid of the Offengers so he'd believe that the X-Persons were victims of a mind-controlling spell. This would lead to the two super-teams fighting each other, which benefitted the Scarecrow. Offenger leader Chaplain America, however, was confident on the fighting progress of his team should the X-Persons attack. The X-Persons indeed attacked, throwing the ceiling of the Offengers Mansion on the Offengers. While initially crushed by the situation, the Offengers regrouped and started a battle against the X-Persons, during which the Mansion was destroyed.[1]

Later, after the end of that battle, the alien Smilin' Sulatu of the Watcher species intended to reshoot the classic movie Driving Miss Daisy in what he called the Mighty Marble Style. In the movie, the Quasi-Humans wanted a guest start to pair with Medoozy and decided to hold job interviews. The Blank Knight was among the several super-powered beings who queued for the job, but he was not chosen.[2]


Blank Knight hides his visage with a helmet.[1][2]


Blank Knight has a black-edged sword.[1]

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