Blastaar ousted Annihilus as ruler of the Negative Zone. However, he had to defend his rule from freedom fighters that were ruled by Ahmyor (Annihilus regressed to a humanoid form, a fact that only Blastaar knew for reasons unrevealed). He also learned of Earth's dimension and led an initial attack force there. He clashed with Holocaust before finding him too powerful and retreating. He vowed to return with an entire army of Baluurians to invade the Earth.[1]

When Ahmyor's resistance movement gained momentum, thanks in part to the addition of an amnesiac Blink (who followed Blastaar back through the Negative Zone portal from Earth), Blastaar had Ahmyor and Blink captured and brought to him. Before a stadium audience he revealed to Blink that her beloved Ahmyor was really Annihilus.[2] Despite this revelation, Blink and Ahmyor freed themselves and foiled Blastaars plot to use the Annihilation Cannon (powered by Annihilus's Cosmic Control Rod) to destroy the positive matter universe.[3]

With Ahmyor reverted back to his Annihilus form, Blastaar was killed by Annihilus so the true king Annihilus will rule .

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