Blastaar was an inhabitant of the Negative Zone that ran amuck on an alien world until he was subdued using a special gas and exiled to outer space in a capsule suit. Mister Fantastic of the Fantastic Four accidentally brought Blastaar to Earth while exploring the Negative Zone. Blastaar escaped the capsule suit and began going on a rampage. The Fantastic Four managed to defeat Blastaar after luring him to an atomic plant and use atomic matter to put him into a coma. They then sent Blastaar back into the Negative Zone.[1]

Blastaar later joined forces with Klaw and Molecule Man and captured the Fantastic Four to put them on trial for crimes against evil. However, the Fantastic Four escaped their confinement and defeated the villains.[2]


Seemingly those of Blastaar of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of Blastaar of Earth-616.

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