Blastaar presumably shares a similar history to his Earth-616 counterpart. He survived to the end of time itself. Before the Big Crunch, Blastaar was sentenced to die during the Big Bang by the People of the End of All Things, as punishment for all the beings he had slaughtered throughout the millennia.

He was sent back in time and chained in a metal suit to an unmoveable stone, but before he was killed he was unwittingly rescued by the Fantastic Four of Earth-616. He blasted his way out the suit and began to attack each of the Four in turn, seemingly defeating all of them and severely damaging there ship.

The group fled to the cock-pit and deemed the only way out was for Franklin to teleport the ship and the group away. He successfully did, leaving Blastaar open to the power of the Big Bang which killed him. [1]


Presumably the same as Blastaar of Earth-616


Presumably the same as Blastaar of Earth-616

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