Blastaar presumably shares a similar history to his Earth-616 counterpart and Earth-TRN594 counter-part. He survived to the end of time itself and before the Big Crunch he was sentenced to die during the Big Bang by the People of the End of All Things for all the beings he had slaughtered throughout the millennia. Before he could be sent back however, the Fantastic Four of Earth-616 arrived having just seen an alternate version of Blastaar at the Big Bang. They tried to convince them to stop, but they would not listen, so through a combination of Sue Storm, Ben Grimm and Franklin Richards smuggled Blastaar onto there ship and teleported to the Negative Zone. Here Val used some future technology to depower and imprison Blastaar, leaving him trapped and floating through the Negative Zone[1]


Presumably the same as Blastaar of Earth-616


Presumably the same as Blastaar of Earth-616

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