Simon Trask and Humanity's Last Stand engineered a plan to turn public sentiment even further against mutants by creating a false terrorist group called the Mutant Liberation Front. Last Standers were chemically or cybernetically enhanced to simulate mutant powers. The MLF would then stage acts of "mutant terrorism" to blemish the name of mutantkind.[1]

Blastfurnace was a robot and the apparent field leader of the MLF agents. He also served as a clean-up crew, incinerating the bodies of fallen MLF agents so that their secrets would not be uncovered.[2]


Remote Drone: Blastfurnace was a robotic construct designed to pose as a mutant in a containment suit. It is unknown whether Blastfurnace was remotely piloted by a human operator or controlled entirely by an onboard artificial intelligence.

  • Body Armour: Blastfurnace has a high degree of invulnerability to physical and energy attacks.
  • Flame Generation: Blastfurnace is able to project flame from its wrists and "mouth".
  • Teleportation: Blastfurnace is able to teleport between distant locations.

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