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  • Regent's Mountaintop Stonghold



Synopsis for "Reunion"

Blaze emerged from the snow shouting and taunting Regent, when suddently, far above, he bust off the snow surrounded by fire. In the mean time Graig shows courage and absolute faith to his father against the Hidden's leader while Blaze has found them, killed Initiate and attacked the Hidden. The leader runs to the other room with children leaving behind Roxanne, where John ask her why he betrayed him, Roxanne responds that she make a contact with Regent to help Blaze to rid of Zarathos in exchange for their children but when their children she couldn't fullfil her promise, she tried to protect them but Blaze wasn't there to Help them.

Blaze go in to find his kids throught Hidden's assasins where he challenged the leader to a fight without weapons. He accept but also start the self-destuct system of the fortress. Then Blaze attacked him with his powers while Roxanne take the children's out. When Blaze come back to them George atacked him with his arrows with Regent beside him. George is killed from Hellfire shot. While Regent has taken the children's hostages but Seer come in and saved the childer by teleporting them out of there. While shoots Regent and jump out with Roxanne before the Stronghold explode.

The family is reunited and John thanks Seer and hopes when he will go for the Blood their ways don't cross.

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