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Blaze Allen was an amateur mystic whom the Night Spectre discovered. When Blaze Allen refused to allow Night Spectre to take his soul, the Night Spectre left. Blaze Allen, who worked at the Quentin Carnival was eventually married to Iris Simpson by Father Hellstrom. However, just after Blaze and Iris became married, the Night Spectre appeared and drained Iris of her lifeforce. This put Blaze into a deep depression, and he began delving more and more into magic.[1]

Eventually, he was approached by Merlin, who helped Blaze bond with the demon Etrigan, so that Blaze could make sure that Iris' soul would rest in peace, by recovering it from the Night Spectre. By chanting "Gone, gone o'form of man, arise the demon Etrigan", Blaze Allen became the second Speed Demon. In his adventures as Speed Demon, he fought foes including the alien creature Doctor Doomsday, Vengeance, Uatu the Guardian, the Two-Faced Goblin, and of course the Night Spectre.[1]

His secret identity was later discovered by his nephew Wally West, who also worked at the Quentin Carnival with him, and treated Blaze like a father. After this, Speed Demon battled against the Night Spectre alongside Wally, and they successfully freed the souls being held by Night Spectre, including the souls of Jay Garrick and Iris Simpson.[1]



Seemingly those of the Johnny Blaze of Earth-616 and those of the Barry Allen of New Earth.


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