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  • Old Sparky
  • Kristal-Starrer eyes


Synopsis for "No Laughing Matter!"

A mysterious hooded man calling himself the Mad Monk tries to interest Blaze in his Murderama, a funhouse-style rig filled with murderous mannequins and other macabre artifacts. Though not very interested, Blaze hires him on because some of the artifacts seem connected to the disappearance of his children. The other members of the Quentin Carnival are suspicious of the newcomer.

Princess Python eavesdrops on Blaze’s conversation with Clara, and confesses to Kody that she is in love with Blaze. Suddenly everyone hears screaming from the Murderama trailer; inside, Arcade is being tormented by the demon Baal, who says he should have killed Blaze when he had the chance. Arcade begs for another chance, which he receives. When Cody and Princess Python rush in to see what the commotion was, Arcade douses them with knockout gas, planning to use them as bait for Johnny Blaze.

Blaze and Clara are just about to make love when the Murderama trailer suddenly reconfigures itself and transforms into one of Arcade’s Murderworlds. Learning that Kody and Python are being held inside, Blaze, who has not previously heard of Arcade, takes his hellfire shotgun and enters the Murderworld. Inside, he blows up a robot version of Arcade, but is nevertheless forced to choose a doorway if he wants to find his friends. But Blaze simply blows a hole in the wall and discovers the real Arcade. Arcade sends more automata at him, but Blaze easily destroys them too. Panicked, Arcade reveals that he is working for the last high priest of Baal, a conduit for the demon Baal himself. Blaze blasts him too, forcing him to release Kody and Princess Python, who exit the building.

Blaze throws Arcade into the coffin with the high priest and locks him inside. Then he transforms the house back into a semi-rig and asks Wolf to drive it out in the desert and leave it there. A helicopter circling overhead orders Blaze to stop what he's doing.

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