Quote1.png [The army's] not going to give help to no black folks that shelter red folks. Quote2.png
-- Reno Jones

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This mini-series takes place in 1885 and asserts that many of the stories presented about the heroes of the Wild West in the past were in fact dime-store fictions of real life events. The story begins in the town of Wonderment, Montana, a town mostly populated by ex-slaves seeking a better life for themselves. Among them is Reno Jones, one half of the former western duo, the Gunhawks. Reno had hung up his guns ever since he supposedly killed his partner Kid Cassidy, he settled down in Wonderment, got married to a woman named Mary and had a son, named Cass out of respect for his dead friend.

One night, the Nightriders, men dressed as Ku Klux Klan members, came to Wonderment with their guns blazing, killing several settlers in their wake. Reno Jones, however, fights back and helps to drive them out of the town that night. For the next several nights the normally peaceful town is again visited by Nightrider raiding parties, leaving the townspeople to wonder what it is they want. Marcel Founier shows up and offers his help to Reno and the town. They decide to ask some of their old friends for help in defending the town from these invaders and the old indian chief, Flaming Star, agrees to try and acquire the help of Red Wolf.

The army refuses to help a town of black people who harbour Native Americans, so Reno goes to find his old friend the Rawhide Kid, now a performer in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. Kid Colt also happens to be passing by to say hello to his old friend the Rawhide Kid, and decides to accompany the men back to Wonderment as well. Shortly after the men leave, Gunhawk, a bounty hunter, rides up and asks the whereabouts of Kid Colt as he mean's to collect the bounty on his head. He then leaves to follow their tracks to Wonderment.

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