Quote1 Hear me, mortals! The town of Wonderment now lies under my protection! Persist in your attacks and the gates of Hell will gape for you! Quote2
-- Ghost Rider

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Synopsis for 1st story

The Nightriders have the Two-Gun Kid, Rawhide Kid, and Kid Colt all pinned down on the side of a gorge, it looks like the heroes are done for, but unbeknownst to the 'riders, the Outlaw Kid and Red Wolf are still hidden. The men succeed in killing the ambushing Nightriders and ensuring the safety of their friends. The men all race ahead to Wonderment, all but Red Wolf who descends into the gorge where Reno Jones fell after being shot.

When the heroes arrive, they find the town overriden with the Nightriders and open fire upon them. The heroes drive the 'riders out of town in a fury of gunshots and hot lead, though their victory is bitter sweet when they reveal that the town's resident hero, Reno Jones, was gunned down along their journey. Marcel Fournier shows up after the battle had been won, his horse having tripped in a gopher hole. The heroes realize that the Nightriders will be back, in larger numbers, and they to prepare the townspeople for the upcoming battle.

Meanwhile, Caleb Hammer also makes his way towards Wonderment, but is taken prisoner by the Nightriders. Shortly thereafter, the Gunhawk is similarly captured. Both men are only after one thing, Kid Colt. The Nightriders decide to make the men fight to the death to see who gets to go after Colt. Just before they fire, however, a rifle blast rings out and a Nightrider falls, everyone looks up to see the Ghost Rider above them. His appearance gives the men the time they need to react and shoot their way out of the Nightrider's camp. They both then head for the town as the Ghost Rider leaves the 'riders with a warning to leave Wonderment alone.

Solicit Synopsis

  • Continuing the final ride of the Western heroes! Ambushed by the Night Riders, our heroic posse's only chance lies with the deranged Outlaw Kid!

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