Blight Blade
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Blight Blade
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Quote1.png The Blight Blade. The Spirit of Corruption's Sword. Part of The Spirit of Corruption. Those stabbed with it are consumed by every corrupt thing they have done in their life... Quote2.png


1654 C.E., in a duel with Hellhawk, Necrosis used Blight Blade to consume him with his sins.[1]

After the King of Hell took the Spirit of Vengeance from Danny, Sara informed him Johnny's mind got corrupted by the souls of Hell and to save him their only hope was Nercrosis. So by performing a magic ritual, Sara opened a portal through Limbo where he found Lord Belasco and tried to convinced him to give him Necrosis to stop the "War of Hell". Belasco addressed that to gain Necrosis he have to fight for it, but he didn't stand any chance for win. However, Belasco killed the Necrosis and made Danny his Spirit of Corruption.[2]

Back on Earth, murder allegations at Manhattan Cruise Terminal were on Danny, so Punisher and Wolverine caught him for investigation, where they started fighting and Danny stabbed Frank with Blight Blade.[3]

Danny told them Johnny was behind of it and they joined forces to stop him. Later, they found Johnny and Danny stabbed him with it by which Johnny got consumed by his sins.[4]


  • The handle bears resemblance to the front part of Danny's Hell Cycle.

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