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Quote1.png Blightspoke is the realm of collapsed realities. Quote2.png
Opal Luna Saturnyne[src]

Blightspoke was one of the provinces of the Foul Courts in Otherworld.[2]


Blightspoke was a poisoned land that literally seeps life out of any who enter its bounders. Because of its dangerous nature, Blightspoke has become a dumping ground the dangerous trash of every reality including irradiated land, castles burned by dragonfire, contagions, and deadly infections.[3] Blightspoke is also the place where the remnants of collapsed realities are gathered. Those who visit this realm cycle through a seemingly endless amount of reality warping experiences.[4]

Currently, the only authority in Blightspoke is Sheriff Gia Whitechapel and her posse.[3][5]


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