Quote1 I'm strange? Look, Black Pot, haven't you heard the expression, "People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw shotguns and knives"? Quote2
-- Blink

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  • Ahmyor's reference to the Fantastic Four suggests that there is only one Negative Zone in the multiverse, with exit points to different realities and timelines. X-Universe #1 - #2 established that the Age of Apocalypse versions of Reed, Sue, Johnny, and Ben never went on the space flight that gave them their powers, so they couldn't have traveled to the Negative Zone and become the "blue-clad interlopers" seen in flashback here. The single Negative Zone idea seen here is consistent with Mutant X #25, where Havok tried to get to the main Marvel earth from the Mutant X-verse by a detour through the Negative Zone.

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