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Jim was the fourth person to take the mantle of Blizzard. He was given cryokinetic powers by the Mandarin and Ezekiel Stane as part of a plan to revamp and upgrade numerous Iron Man villains.

His first assignment was to freeze the desalination plants of Abu Dhabi, UAE, leaving the country without water. Blizzard was unhappy with working for the Mandarin as the villain had planted a bomb inside him in case he didn't comply.[1]

When Tony Stark, who had been captured by the Mandarin, tried to convince other of the Mandarin's prisoners to help him rebel against their "master,"[2] Blizzard heeded the call. After Stark deactivated the kill switches in his allies, they started the uprising.[3] Blizzard, Whirlwind and Living Laser assaulted the Mandarin's armories and later aided Iron Man and Stane against the Mandarin and his Titanomechs. Blizzard died after being impaled by one of them.[4]



None. Instead, his powers come from his armor.



Armor that allows him to generate ice[1]

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