The Blob started his career during the Silver Age of the Marble Universe. The mutie superhero team X-Men knew about the Blob and their team leader, Professor, was worried about finding "the next Blob" (a metaphor meaning the next mutie of comparable power).[1] But the Blob did not join the X-Men. Instead he joined their opponents, a villain team known as The Fraternity of Honked-off Muties.[2]

Eventually the Fraternity reconverted to the Justice Junta, a suposedly heroic team[2] of government agents[3] while still being villains.[2][3] As the Junta was still enemy of the X-Persons (previously known as the X-Men), they were contacted by the ominous consortium of their most deadly and most implacable enemies, who wanted several villains and villain teams to attack the X-Persons during their beach holidays before the consortium made their own attack.[4]

The Junta agreed to work for the consortium. Having found the X-Persons' secret beach house hideout, the Junta attacked breaching one wall. The X-Persons recognized the Junta as the Fraternity, but the Blob made some exposition to clarify the difference. Anyway, X-Person Night-Boomfer used his dark, increased teleportation power to teleport all the Junta far from their location. Anyway, X-Person leader Eyeclops decided that their security has been breached and the X-Persons left their house, going to new adventures.[2]

For unknown reasons, the Blob took the name of Slob and started a rampaging activity through the city. Superhero Spidey-Man tried to stop the Slob but, when a confrontation proved fruitless, Spidey-Man offered the Slob a bribe in the form of Stinkies Sponge Cakes - but when the Slob red the ingredients, he thought Spidey-Man was making fun of his weight and attacked him once again. The Slob left, offended.[5]

During the following new year's eve, the Blob had changed his name to the Blab and tried to follow a low-impact aerobics program - but, whenever he moved, he caused earthquakes and the other people in the program lost their balance.[6]

The Blab, renamed Blob, was next seen in the TV show "Super Villain Dating Game", hosted by Jim Lame. The Blob was bachelor number one but his answer of a perfect date did not seduce contestant Trixie LaRue, who instead chose bachelor number three, the Man-Thing.[3] Having lost the show, the Blob went to a mall and tried to get a cheap buffet.[7]


S-Factor: Blob is a mutie with the S-Factor in his DNA. This causes a number of effects, including superpowers and an amazing raise in the sales of any comic-book starring or guest-starring him.[2]


An excellent fighter, he is more than a match for Spidey-man in a one-to-one fight, either by punching him in the face or jumping on him. He can hop quite high and repeatedly for a man his... I mean... Impressive, no matter what.[5]


As a villain, Blob cannot star in comic-books and thus he cannot win a lot of money in royalties.[2] Besides, he is unarguably disgusting.[3]

He is also conscious of his weight problem and high blood pressure, so he takes care of what he eats and reads all the labels.[5]

This Earth-9047 character is identified as "Blob" in What The--?! #14, but never as "Frederick Dukes" - thus this article does not assume that his real name is Dukes.

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