The Blobs are a race of aliens that are unique to Earth-5391 a reality where technology and space exploration boomed in the late 20th Century. Nothing is known about their origins. By the year 2075 the Blobs were notorious space pirates that raided ships and stole technology. They were led by Kaarka, who entered into an alliance with the Saturnians in raids against the United Planets. When the Space Sentinels peacekeeping force became serious opposition against their raiding operations, they captured Captain Speed Carter's sidekick Johnny Day to insure Space Squadron stopped foiling their raids. Speed disobeyed orders to track down the Blobs and raid their space station, learning of their connection with the Saturnians. With the help of his comrade Crash Morgan, Speed rescued Johnny and destroyed the Blobs space station, seemingly slaying the entire crew[1].

Powers and Abilities


The Blobs can survive in the vacuum of space unaided.


Type of Government: All the Blobs are ruled by a single leader
Level of Technology: The Blobs have access to advanced technology including space ships that are capable of interplanetary travel, laser cannons, and had a massive space station. However given that they are space pirates by nature, it is likely that they merely stole this technology and adapted it for their own use.
Representatives: Kaarka

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