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The chronicle of the Marvel Universe is filled with mind-blowing events — and, in this book, we begin recording them in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe-style! Covering events from all eras of Marvel history! The Earth-shaking (The Great Cataclysm! World War II! House of M/M-Day!), the universe-changing (Operation: Galactic Storm! The Annihilation War! War of Kings!) and other significant moments in the lives of your favorite Marvel characters (the Richards/Storm Wedding! Lost in Space Time! Armor Wars!). Plus many more! Featuring new art by Gus Vazquez!


OHMU-style entries for the plots/stories to Annihilation War, Armor Wars, Atlantis Attacks, Avengers/Defenders War, Battletise I and II, Civil War, Crossing, Dark Reign, Destiny War, Doom Supreme, Evolutionary War, Fall of the Hammer (2099 AD), Forces of Darkness Forces of Light, Great Cataclysm, Heroes Reborn, Heroes Return, House of M, M-Day, I.T. Plot, Inferno, Infinity Gauntlet, Kree-Skrull War, Lost In Space-Time, Maximum Carnage, Maximum Security, Midnight Massacre, Mutant Massacre, Mys-Tech Wars, Odyssey, Operation: Galactic Storm, Richards-Storm Wedding, Secret Invasion, Secret Wars, Star Waaugh!, Timequake, Vampire State, War of Kings, World Faces Destruction, World War Hulk, World War One, and World War Two; plus an Appendix to 213 minor events in the Marvel Universe.

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