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The Blocker Bots are mechanical-like creatures who are the land faction of the Habit Hazards. Usually fights occur between them and the other two groups, the Scorchers and the Sappers, but they decided to work together by draining every kind of energy from New York City in order to open a portal to another dimension, hoping to release one of the greater powered Hazards who was banished from Earth.

As their plan was working out in their favor, they were thwarted by members of Habit Heroes, and the armored Avenger, Iron Man. In retaliation, the Blocker Bots combined with the other hazards to form a giant gestalt being but they were to late as Iron Man and the Heroes combined all their powers into one to destroy the giant and also prevented the other hazard from coming through the portal by closing it.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Emaciation Ability: Blocker Bots can absorb the nutrients within the human body inducing extreme famine, tiredness.

Gestalt Transformation: When enough energy is built up, Blocker Bots have the ability to combine with other hazards like the Scorchers and Sappers to become a single composite being.

Invisibility: Blocker Bots are invisible to whoever they are draining from unless they gain their strength back.


Blocker Bots do not get along with their other hazard brethren.

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