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Appearing in "Justice for Jimmy Sullivan!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Big Dan
  • Pinky Desmond

Other Characters:

  • Elaine Brown

Synopsis for "Justice for Jimmy Sullivan!"

When a factory night watchman is gunned down the police arrest Jim Sullivan as the suspect and he is found guilty of the crime. In prison, he is visited by his girlfriend Elaine Brown and he tells her that he has been framed by Big Dan Folsom for refusing to join his gang. Elaine believes him and vows to clear his name. She begins working a string of jobs to save up for her own investigation and eventually hires Mark Mason to do the job. As she explains the situation, Mason's secretary Louise Grant overhears the story and decides to leave the office to talk to her. As Louise gets outside to catch up with Elaine, she spots a speeding car and saves Elaine from a drive-by shooting. Realizing that Big Dan is trying to silence Elaine, Louise offers the services of the Blonde Phantom.

That night, Louise changes into her alter ego and seeks out Pinky Desmond, a small time crook who testified against Jimmy during his trial. She drops in on Pinky as he is meeting with Big Dan regarding the botched drive by. The Blonde Phantom easily subdues the crooks and holds them at gun point. When they refuse to talk and clear Jimmy's name, the Blonde Phantom reveals that Elaine was hiding in the other room and recorded their whole conversation. The Blonde Phantom then turns the two crooks over to the police.

The next day as Mark Mason reads the story in the paper, he wonders why the Blonde Phantom gave the reward to Elaine and Jimmy as a wedding present. Louise remarks that perhaps seeing justice done is the only reward the Blonde Phantom wants.

Appearing in "The Murder Gang"

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Synopsis for "The Murder Gang"

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Appearing in "Her Double Trouble!"

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Supporting Characters:


Synopsis for "Her Double Trouble!"

Dr. Demise a criminal doctor and Dora Scott are paroled from prison and meet with the warden who wishes them luck on their fresh start, Demise in particular given her medical background. However, while Doctor Demise appears to have turned over a new leaf, she has become determined to get revenge on the Blonde Phantom and Mark Mason for her arrest.

Taking Dorato her old lab, Dr. Demise explains how she did experiments for plastic surgery on human test subjects without permission from the medical association and because of the Blonde Phantom she was caught. Demise now plans to get revenge by performing plastic surgery on Doris to make her look exactly like the Blonde Phantom. Several weeks later, Louise Grant checks the mail and finds a note for Mark from Dr. Demise threatening him. Mason dismisses it as the work of a crank, but Louise is not sure, and decides to remain on her guard.

Meanwhile, Demise has finished her extensive plastic surgery on Dora Scott. She then uses hypnosis to send Scott out dressed like the Blonde Phantom and has her shoot a random man in the street. When the news reaches the papers, Louise begins to wonder who has been impersonating her and suspects that it is the work of Dr. Demise. After another shooting, the phony Blonde Phantom returns to Demises's hideout where she is put to sleep.

The real Blonde Phantom soon arrives, and Dr. Demise pulls a gun on her and explains her entire plot. With her hated foe now her prisoner, Demise attempts to hypnotize the Blonde Phantom into falling asleep. She then sends Dora out to trick Mark Mason into following her. She then leads Mason to Demise's house where he is also hypnotized. Demise then takes Mark off to Washington Square, while the real Blonde Phantom snaps out of Demise's hypnosis. She then manages to hop onto the back of the villains car. When they arrive in Washington square, Demise uses hypnosis to try and force Mark to shoot a random police officer. However, the Blonde Phantom attacks, knocking out her impostor. With Mark snapping out of his hypnosis he nabs Dr. Demise.

Appearing in "The Playboy Killer!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Barry
  • Kathy (Barry's fiancee)

Synopsis for "The Playboy Killer!"

Playboy Nicky Gaynore is hosting a yacht party for his recently engaged friends Kathy and Barry even though Kathy rejected a marriage proposal from Nicky. Nicky convinces the couple that he has no hard feelings and that is why he is throwing them a party, one which he also invited the Sub-Mariner and Namora to as well. When the Sub-Mariner and Namora arrive they are welcomed aboard, however they note that the captain of the ship does not use common sailing terminology and become suspicious and decide to keep close watch on him.

Later that night as Barry and Kathy are out on the deck someone clubs Barry over the head with a blackjack and stifles Kathy. The attackers are Nicky Gaynor and the captain and they take the couple down below and start a fire on the ship. As the Sub-Mariner and Namora assist with the evacuation of the ship, they spot that Nicky is leaving with the unconscious Kathy and that the captain has left the ship before everyone is clear.

Namor goes below deck and finds Barry in the fire and revives him. Learning what happened they return to the deck and the trio dive overboard and chase after Nicky's motorboat. Namor easily catches up and forces the boat to stop. With Nicky captured he confesses to trying to kill Barry out of jealousy and is then brought back to shore and turned over to the police.

Appearing in "Rhapsody in Death!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Nick Symes

Synopsis for "Rhapsody in Death!"

The Harry Charles Band has hit some hard times, without a gig in sight the band is down to their last dime. Harry wishes the band can get noticed and hates thinking of the idea of breaking up. He reads the newspaper and finds a story about a banquet being thrown for renown music critic Gregory Frost by the Schuyer family. Harry convinces his band that they should try to land a gig at the banquet in the hopes of being noticed by Frost.

Harry pays a visit to the Schuyer estate where he convinces Mr. Schuyer to allow his band to play at the banquet. With no money and no place to stay for the night, the band decides to sleep in the nearby park for the night. Later that evening, Nick Symes robs a toy factory and is pursued by the Blonde Phantom. However Symes and his gang manage to trip up the Blonde Phantom and flee into the night. They hideout in the park running into members of Harry's band. Learning what they band is doing and where their next performance is, Symes and his men decide to rob the banquet.

The next day as Harry and his band make their way to the Schuyer estate they are confronted by Nick Symes and his men who order them into a car at gun point and force them to smuggle the gang into the party. As the guests begin to roll in, Mark Mason has been hired to check the guests invitations. When Louise Grant arrives herself she spots Nick Symes in a car with the band and slips away to change into the Blonde Phantom.

With the performance started, Harry is forced to include members of Nick's gang in the band which makes their performance horrible. Suddenly, Symes draws his gun and orders people to hand over their valuables when suddenly the Blonde Phantom arrives. She easily beats the band and when she learns the missing members are being held hostage by one of Symes' men, she rescues them as well. With the full band together, hey put on a performance that surprises Frost who intends to give them a good write up in his column. At the end of the party, Louise Grant drives Mark home once more having to listen to him obsess over the Blonde Phantom.


  • In the Sub-Mariner story "The Playboy Killer", Nicky Gaynor refers to Namora as Namor's "girlfriend". At this point in publication, it had not been established that Namora is Namor's cousin. However, one could consider Gaynor's comments as being ill informed and mistaken.

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