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Ring set with a shard of the Bloodgem.


Cullen with the Bloodgem Ring

After Cullen Bloodstone returned from the Black Realm of Klimtor possessed by the demon Glartrox, his sister Elsa Bloodstone gave him a shard of the Bloodgem set in a ring keep his darkness at bay and grant him strength.[1]

While trapped in Murder World, Cullen and the other abducties were under attack by a trigger-scent activated, berzerker X-23. With no other choice on how to stop her, Cullen removed his ring to unleash the Glartrox to defeat X-23.[1] After the Glartrox subdued X-23, Cammi, Anachronism, and Nara frantically searched the beach for the ring. Nara was able to find it, but in subduing the Glartrox, she was killed.[2]

Months after Arcade's abduction, Cullen moved to Bagalia where Daimon Hellstrom helped teach him how to control and use the Glartrox.[3] Through the use of his ring and Hellstrom's training, Cullen appears to be able to completely control the demon inside of him.[4]


* Increased Strength: The Bloodgem Ring grants the wearer superhuman strength.[1]

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