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Bloodhawk's father was a geneticist who wanted to expand mankind's evolutionary potential, and experimented on his own child while still in the womb. But, instead of creating a "better" human, Bloodhawk was born, and the geneticist's wife died during childbirth. Unwilling to raise the child, the geneticist abandoned the child at the home of the man who would become Bloodhawk's teacher.[3]

Bloodhawk's teacher removed him from society, taking him to an island called Muara where he was kept in a cage to safeguard him from his own "bouts of savage insanity."[3]

At some point, the Teacher was forced to take Bloodhawk from the island in order to retrieve a totem that had been stolen that controlled the giant entity that was, in fact, the island. Arriving in New York City to seek the help of the Avengers, Bloodhawk fell under one of his spells, and attacked the team. After a brief battle, he was brought under control and taken back to Avengers Mansion.[3]

He later sacrificed his life to save Thor from Stinger.[2]

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