Bloodmace (Earth-928) Spider-Man 2099 Vol 1 15


Bloodsword was a Downtowner Thorite and leader of the Fenris Gang. His fighting skills were very unimpressive when compared to Spider-Man, and the S-Man beat him severely to prove his point as protector of Downtown.[1]

Bloodmace (Earth-928) Spider-Man 2099 Vol 1 17


Having lost face, Bloodsword was challenged by one of his lieutenants for leadership. During their fight, the whims of chance brought Thor 2099's nuclear-charged hammer falling to Earth an top of the challenger's head. Taking it as a sign, Bloodsword became Bloodhammer, and rallied Thorites around his good fortune as a "chosen one".

Miguel O'Hara had to get involved when he found his mother, Conchata, at Bloodhammer's rally. Bloodhammer stopped Miguel from taking his mom to safety and trussed him up with a rope. Miguel expended some effort to distract the crowd before knocking Bloodhammer out with one blow.[2]



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