Bloodstone Curios is a manor and museum located in Boston, Massachusetts.

It was once the family estate of monster hunter Ulysses Bloodstone. Following Bloodstone's demise, a man named Charles Barnabas became the executor the estate and maintained its upkeep with the aid of a servant named Mister Dlurga, Dlurga's son Tomas, and a caretaker named Adam. Barnabas spent years searching for any living descendants of Ulysses Bloodstone and finally tracked down Ulysses' widow, Elise. Elise and her daughter Elsa came to Boston to inspect the property.

Initially, Elise intended to sell the estate, but later decided to renovate it, turning it into a curio shop. Elsa Bloodstone discovered a secret underground chamber containing a sea of trophies and artifacts from her father's many adventures. Among the treasures was a Magic Lamp, which granted her the ability to make her slightest wish come true, as well as her father's Bloodgem; a mystical ruby that imbued Elsa with enhanced physical traits.

Elsa has since decided to take on her father's former profession as a monster hunter and uses the curio shop as her base of operations.

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  • Bloodstone Manor was one of Ulysses' bases for over 18 years and housed a large number of artifacts, relics, animal and moster pelts that he had accumulated over his millenia of time on Earth.[1]
  • Barnabus served as the executor of Bloodstone's estate and Mr. Dluga was its caretaker.[1]
  • After the death of her husband, Elise Bloodstone returned to the manor and to manage the estate while there she turned the house into a museum and curio shop named Bloodstone Curio's which is run by her with the help of Tomas, Barnabus and her daughter, Elsa.[1]
  • Bloodstone Manor was completely destroyed in a fight between Elsa and her Glartrox-possessed brother Cullen then was later rebuilt by unknown means.[3][4][verification needed]

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