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Quote1.png All the strangeness in the world is dying out, it seems. It will soon become intolerably bland. Quote2.png
-- Dracula

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Synopsis for "Mummy's Girl"

Elsa Bloodstone arrives in a cemetery in Bosnia and finds herself squaring off against Dracula. Dracula has just finished slaughtering several U.N. soldiers and now sets his sights on Elsa. He tries to bite her, but a burst of energy erupts from the Bloodgem choker, sending Dracula flying backwards. Enraged, Elsa punches the vampire lord in the stomach. Dracula now realizes that she is the daughter of his old foe, Ulysses Bloodstone. Before he can attack her anew however, a circle of energy envelops Elsa and teleports her back to Bloodstone Manor.

Adam explains that her subconscious desires activated the magic lamp, and that was why she was transported to Bosnia. He further explains that her father acquired it a long time ago, and the device is capable of unlimited wishes.

Elsa's mother calls for her and she runs upstairs. The two go out to eat and Elise discusses the conversation she had with Charles Barnabas. Elsa suspects that her mother actually likes Barnabas and begins teasing her about him. She does not tell her about any of the strange things that have happened to her in the past hour, however.

They return to the manor to find Papa Dlurga, the father of the mansion's butler, shouting obscenities towards Barnabas. He refers to him as a "Wampyr". Elsa goes upstairs where she hangs out with Mister Dlurga's son, Tomas. She later sneaks out of her room and goes back down into the cave to see Adam. Adam fashions a tunic for her in the style of her father’s wardrobe, but Elsa finds it "pervy".

Elsa presses him for more information concerning the Magic Lamp, and Adam reveals that it contains the spirit of an enslaved Djinn. While the two talk, Tomas sneaks into the cavern and watches them experimenting with the lamp. The lamp activates, teleporting both Adam and Elsa to Egypt. Several undead soldiers bearing machine guns open fire on them, and they retreat inside a pyramid. As they enter the dark chamber, the Living Mummy steps out of the shadows with his arms outstretched.

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