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Elsa Bloodstone

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Synopsis for "In the Blood"

Elsa Bloodstone, Adam and Tomas Dluga instantly appear inside the Dearborn Center for Hemoralgic Disease Control in Emson Bend, Wyoming. A powerful Atlantean vampire of the Nosferati breed is using the facility in order to develop a vital blood strain while using vampires as immortal incubators. To that end, he has captured Dracula and Charles Barnabas.

As Elsa and her friends wander the facility, a group of mutated vampire monsters leaps out to attack them. Elsa blasts one of them away with silver cross buckshot, while Adam takes out another with a U.V. flashlight. Even inexperienced Tomas proves to be a hero as he vanquishes a third vampire with "Drench-O-Matic" holy water gun.

Inside the laboratory, the Nosferati leader begins administering his treatment to his test subjects. He sanguinates one vampire, leaving him as little more than a dried up husk of a body. Elsa enters the facility and fights off several of the Nosferati's underlings. She leaps towards the vampire leader, but she is too late. He drinks down the immortal blood that he has just acquired and shape shifts into a super-vampire. The Nosferati bites Elsa Bloodstone, drinking deep of her blood. He realizes minutes later, that Elsa's blood contains regenerative properties, and it transforms him back into a normal human. Unfortunately, it also reverts him to his proper chronological age. Elsa drives her fist through the Nosferati’s skull, turning him into dust.

Elsa then frees Dracula and Charles Barnabas. While Barnabas dives for cover, Dracula flies to the top of a silo and opens up a hatch, letting sunlight pour into the room. The sunlight destroys the remaining Nosferati. When everything settles down, Dracula is nowhere to be found. Elsa is confident however, that he managed to escape destruction.

Using the magic lamp, the group wishes themselves back to Bloodstone Manor. Grateful for the rescue operation, Barnabas agrees to keep Elsa’s secret. Elsa also makes an agreement that she will not reveal to her mother that Charles is a vampire.

Six weeks later, Elise Bloodstone decides to stay in Boston. She converts Bloodstone Manor into a curio shop, and Elsa begins taking classes at the local college. After a friendly conversation with her mom and Barnabas, Elsa goes into the cellar to confer with Adam and Tomas. Adam tells her to get ready for their next big hunt – the Kraken. Elsa responds, "Cool. Shall we, boys?"



  • This issue helps to establish that there are at least two distinct breeds of vampires. There are the traditional vampires who become nocturnal creatures after sharing blood with another vampire, but there are also those who are born as vampires. The concept behind these "pureblood" vampires was first introduced in the 1998 film Blade and has since been adapted into standard comic continuity.
  • When Adam and Dracula are forced to team-up together, Adam says that all they need is Abbott and Costello to make it feel like "old times". This remark is in reference to the 1948 Universal Pictures film, Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein. The film pits Vaudeville comedians Bud Abbott and Lou Costello against Dracula, the Wolf-Man, and the Frankenstein Monster. It is also the last Silver Screen appearance of the classic Universal Monsters.

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