Bloodstone Amulet

Witchfire holding a bloodstone amulet, designed to hold the bloodstones

The Bloodstones were collected by Belasco in order to open portals connecting Limbo to Earth to conqueror it. His plan was to send the N'Garai through and let them decimate the dimension so that he could rule it.[1]

Belasco's daughter later used the Bloodstones, to form a portal to let the Elder Gods into Limbo, gaining the fifth and final stone needed from Pixie's soul.[2][1]

Ka-Zar the Savage Vol 1 12


The first appearance of the Bloodstones was in Ka-Zar the Savage #12 but they are merely called the "blood-red stones". They are given the name "Bloodstones" in Magik (Illyana and Storm Limited Series) #1.

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