The Bloodsucker Plant comes from an unknown tropical region on Earth. They were discovered by a deep sea diver and salvage man named George. George was jealous of his employer John A. Heart and sought to collect his cut of a recently recovered cash of pirate's gold. He used the plants to kill Heart, not expecting that the Human Torch and Toro were picnicking in the area. The two heroes destroyed the plant that was attacking Heart but not before it bled him dry.

Deciding that the killer would eventually appear, the Torch and Toro attempted to capture George, chasing him out near the pool. George dove in and unleashed some Bloodsucker seeds. These seeds quickly grew and ensnared the two heroes. In the water, they were unable to use their flames to free themselves and were at risk of being bled dry. The Torch quickly lifted Toro up out of the water enough for him to ignite his flame and burn free and then save the Torch. George was soon captured and his plot foiled.[1]

Presumably, the Bloodsucker Plants still exist in the region where George had found them, although there have been no further recorded encounters with them.

Powers and Abilities


The Bloodsucker Plants grow rapidly in water; their vines are animated and can suck blood out of living creatures on contact.


These dry plants are highly susceptible to flame.


Habitat: Tropical
Gravity: Earthlike
Atmosphere: Earthlike

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