A member of the fanatical Crystal Claws, a Shi'ar group dedicated to returning D'Ken back to power, Bloodwing was an assassin who sought to kill Legacy in order to allow his sister, Kaladar, to pass on to the next life (something denied her because she didn't die in the name of the Crystal Claws). Her spirit inhabiting Bloodwing's body, he attacked Legacy (beating Legacy in a fight would allow her to pass on), who quickly incapacitated him. When Bloodwing revealed his origin, Legacy agreed to be the sacrifice for Kaladar. The two then battled across the city of D'Bana Crux, with Bloodwing getting the upper hand and seemingly stabbing Legacy through the heart with an arrow (Legacy avoided death by creating a spatial aperture using his Nega-Bands over his chest, causing the arrow to instead pass into another dimension).

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