The Bloody Baron was a German citizen who lived during World War II. Claiming no allegiance to the Nazis, he sought to rule the world himself. He set the first part of this goal to stealing the Royal Jewels of Britain.

Sending his minions to Britain to steal the jewels from the Tower of London was meet with failure due to the authorities. When the Sub-Mariner agreed to escort the jewels as they were being shipped to the United States to be stored within Fort Knox for protection, the Baron send his men to steal them.

They succeeded in capturing Namor's boat, taking the Sub-Mariner and his friend Betty Dean and brought them back to Germany. There, they could not find the jewels aboard Namor's vessel and began torturing the Atlantean monarch to learn of their location. Their mistake came when they splashed water in his face, restoring his strength. When the Bloody Baron and his men were distracted by a sudden dock fire, Namor broke free and then threw back a torpedo launched at him causing a massive explosion that caused tons of rock to fall on the Bloody Baron and his men, crushing them to death.[1]

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