Quote1 The Serpent calls me Bloody Lips. Quote2
-- Bloody Lips src

An Australian serial killer who was, according to his own account, granted powers by a being called the Serpent. Bloody Lips was considered an urban legend until, while hunting down a retired assassin Cape Crow, he fought and was defeated by Elektra who tossed him into a glacial crevasse, apparently killing him.[citation needed]


  • Power Transfusion: Bloody Lips possess the power to gain the powers, traits, and memories of creatures he consumes through their blood and flesh.
    • Superhuman Strength: Gained from consuming the flesh of a rhinoceros and increased from eating part of a monster on Monster Isle.[1][2]
    • Enhanced Vision: Gained from eating an ogre-faced spider, Bloody Lips has had his vision increased, including night vision.[1]
    • Healing Factor: Gained from eating part of Scalphunter, Bloody Lips can heal quickly even from otherwise fatal injuries.[2]
    • Technoformation: Gained Scalphunter's mutant power, allows him to build weapons and vehicles out of "pop cans and paperclips."[2]
    • Underwater Breathing: Gained from eating a hammerhead shark.[2]
    • Ultrasonic Hearing[3]


  • Expert Combatant
  • Expert Marksman: Having consumed parts of both Bullseye and Lady Bullseye, Bloody Lips can use any item as a projectile weapon with absolute accuracy.[4][2]


  • Gaining especially bad memories from his victims can have a negative effect on Bloody Lips, such as when he attempted to drink Elektra's blood only to be overwhelmed by her past trauma.[5]

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