Blotto was a violent monster created by the insane former movie director known as Clive, who brought it to life with a device called the "Spirit Scope". Upon its creation, Blotto was turned loose to wreak havoc on New York. Spider-Man confronted and fought Blotto, who put up a good resistance against the young hero. Eventually, after seeing that the monster would never cease its rampage, Spider-Man decided he would have to make it so Blotto could never do harm again. After defeating Clive and retrieving the Spirit Scope, Spider-Man confronted the creature for the final time and blasted it with the very device that gave it life. Rendered inanimate, Spider-Man then punched a hole clean through Blotto, which promptly destroyed the monster to save the city.[citation needed]


  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Durability: Blotto displayed superhuman strength and superhuman durability.
  • Shape Shifting: It also displayed the ability to alter its shape and size.


Blotto could absorb almost anything it touched.


Being hit with a blast from the Spirit Scope instantly rendered Blotto inanimate.

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