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The Tunnelers were Morlocks who hated Callisto's main group and dubbed them 'Drain Dwellers'. Initially a group of ten, six of the Tunnelers were killed when the Marauders were sent to kill the Morlocks. The casualties included Cybelle who was slain by Harpoon. She managed to warn the Morlocks leader, Callisto, before she was killed. The four others survived the attack, only to get in another battle with Beast and Iceman, thinking they were Marauders too. The battle ended when the Tunnelers figured out that the X-Factor members were not their enemies.

Joining X-Factor at their base, the Tunnelers found out about their hosts' mock mutant hunter identities. The Tunnelers eventually left hoping to find a new home in New Jersey. They ran into a human street gang called the Savage Wolf Gang who tried to rob them. The Tunnelers fought back, ending in the deaths of Blow-Hard and two of the three gang members and the wounding of Masque. Blow-Hard was shot through the chest by a member of the Savage Wolf Gang.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Power Grid[2]
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Wind Generation: Blow-Hard could psionically draw in and focus oxygen molecules to create powerful high-velocity gale-force winds. Blow-Hard could then utilize these winds to create disorienting wind funnels, compressed air blasts, or rapidly-spinning whirlwinds. Blow-Hard used a corncob pipe, called a 'wind-pipe', to help focus and direct this power.

Enhanced Strength and Durability: He possessed enough strength to knock Beast, who weighs approximately 400 lbs, off his feet.

Physical Strength

Enhanced human.



Wind pipe to channel his powers.

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