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Quote1.png What dark cloud demands this evil? Doctor, no spell in the Blu'dakorr has ever not caused the death of the caster. To touch it stains the soul. Legend says, it requires the spirits of forty fallen men. Quote2.png


The Blu'dakorr, also known as the Blood Bible, was a soul-tainting grimoire that caused the death of whoever cast one of its spells. It was believed that it required the spirits of forty fallen men and one righteous one.[1] Its writings spoke of impossible choices, goods greater than good, and darks darker than dark. They also contradicted the idea of opposing forces, such as good and evil, defining the edges of all existence.[3]

The Doctor Strange of Earth-616 read the Blu'dakorr while looking for ways to protect his universe from the threat of incursions,[1] leading him into abandoning his old methods to seek power no matter the cost.[3] As he had no whole soul to offer for the godhood he wanted, Strange unleashed an abyssal entity from the book upon the Great Society of Earth-4290001 when an incursion between his world and theirs occurred.[4] His fellow Illuminati were forced to knock him out to do away with the beast.[5]

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