Quote1 Captain America made a land with only two laws--hurt no one, and help when you can. Otherwise, settlements governed themselves. Most lived in peace and happiness. But everyone knew: attempt to break Steve Rogers' laws and his Avengers would come. Or succeed, and worse--his Punishers. This was the Blue. Quote2
-- Miriam Sharpe src


The Blue was the territory of the Warzone taken by Steve Rogers's side after the Superhuman Civil War spread beyond the superheroic community and regular citizens started picking their own side. Here, people accepted the rules laid out by General Steve Rogers, which are simply "hurt no one" and "help when you can." Settlements govern themselves, with the only central authority being Rogers' Avengers, who fought large-scale threats, or the Punishers, who chased down those who flout the law. Everyone has the space to do their own thing.

The Blue lays west of the The Divide located in Saint Louis, Missouri. According to President Stark, the Blue is twice the size of the Iron although it has half the population. The Blue is considered as a rogue state by the rest of Battleworld.[1]

In a final attempt to put an end to the war, Rogers launched an attack from the Blue and invaded the Iron, with the intention to detonate a bomb derived from Project Bellcurve that neutralized super-powers. However, Tony Stark had recently discovered the Skrulls had been pulling the strings of the conflict, and convinced Steve to use the bomb on the Skrulls. The members of the Blue and the Iron were informed of the truth, and after the Skrulls had been dealt with, the Blue and the Iron achieved peace. The Iron sent food to the Blue and lifted the embargo, allowing the Blue to commercialise with the rest of Battleworld.[2]

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