Blue Beatle was a member of the Just-A-League. He believed the League should only hang out and enjoy, not save the world, and favored beautiful Ivory when she auditioned for membership. Soon afterward, when the Just-A-League was manipulated by Kranky, master of time, Leaks Luthor and the Jokester to fight against the Revengers, the Beatle made a musical number with the Least instead of fighting.[1]

Obnoxio the Clown included a mannekin of then-called Blew Beedle in his "House of Whacks". Due to Pup-Pepest Mister's radioactive marmalade and Doctor Dumb's animation gas, the mannekins were animated and fought each other; during the fight, Spidey-man was worried about the possibility of uncool Blew Beedle being his sibling. Obnoxio used hot water and air-wick to stop that effect, so that all the mannekins stopped moving.[2]


He can sing and dance. After all, he's a Beatle!

A reference to DC character's Blue Beetle

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