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The Blue Area of the Moon was created by the Skrulls in an effort to determine which Hala race, Kree or Cotati, was worthy to join the Skrull Empire. The Cotati created a vast garden and the Kree constructed a magnificent city. The Kree could not stand to lose the competition, and at night they killed almost all Cotati and the Skrull crew of the visiting spaceship. Examining their craft the Kree too learned the secrets of interstellar travel. This was the start of the century-old enmity between the Kree and the Skrulls, leaving the place abandoned. Over time the buildings were damaged by meteors or crumbled in lunar earthquakes until only ruins remained.[1]

Fantastic Four

The Blue City was rarely visited over the millennia that followed. Then a decade ago, the Fantastic Four and the Red Ghost both landed there.[2]

Phoenix Saga

The Blue City was used as the site for the trial by combat of Phoenix and the X-Men against the Shi'ar Imperial Guard.[3]


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