Not much is known about the woman named Blue Skye, and what is known about her leaves many questions about her past open. She has had a past with the religious sect led by the former Nazi turned religious fanatic Master Man and had a past relationship with Conner "Rebel" O'Reilly.

According to Rebel's accounts, he had falling in love with the woman and their feelings for each other were mutual. However, something came in the way of their romance driving her away, Rebel's actions would suggest that it was the machinations of the religious fanatics that she had sided with.

According to the Parson a member of this religious group, Rebel had impregnated her and -- fearful of commitment abandoned her. However these are accounts that are in question. Here current whereabouts are unknown. Before Rebel could kill the Parson, the cult member would impart the location of Skye in return for his life. Rebel would travel there only to find a young boy with a sign reading "Yours" around his neck.

If this child truly belongs to Rebel and Skye remains to be revealed. Another unrevealed mystery would be Skye's connection and involvement -- be they willful or forced -- with Master Man's cult also remain unrevealed.

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