Blunderbuss was the bouncer at the door of the Genome night-club, where Angel used to frequent, who he loved like a sister. He versed in stock trading. He used to practice anti-Sapiens racism towards to the people attending

When he read about Mutant X in the paper, he realized that the man who had been following Angel was the murderer. Blunderbuss, fearing he would attack Angel, confronted him and destroyed his body with his arm guns, only to have his own body taken over by Mutant X next.

Using Blunderbuss' body, Proteus penetrated Angel's flat, but was already decaying at this time, and quickly took over Angel's body.


Super-human Leaping: Using his mutated feet, he could perform extraordinary leaps.

Malleable Body: Blunderbuss was able to change his arms into weapons.



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