KalKent wrote:

Edward Zachary Sunrose wrote: Also looks like Disney+ will continue the trend of representing the classic costumes as cheap-looking, $10 Halloween Store costumes. That Scarlet Witch costume looked TACKY (which was obviously intentional). The headdress actually looked decent though, which is strange since no one thought it would work in live-action.

I feel whenever they do that (like Luke Cage with the yellow shirt and chains in the Netflix show), it's to show how, just because a costume might work on a page, it doesn't necessarily translate well directly into live-action (obvious exception being cosplayers, who are doing it as a hobby). We've pretty much known that though since the unreleased Roger Corman 'Fantastic Four' movie, where it looked like dress-up for a Halloween party.

Well, that's when you take the spirit of the character's costume and the color scheme and modernize it. Like for example, Spider-Woman's classic costume would never work on-screen. But the 2016 costume, which keeps the original color scheme and theme, absolutely would.

Not to mention if they managed to make Cap's look work on-screen, they can definitely nail any look. For example, while Jewel, Power Man and Hellcat are definitely too bright for Netflix's dark and edgy vibe, a navy blue, padded armor (like Daredevil's) with yellow accents and matching cowl would've been great for Trish, while keeping the colors and original spirit of Hellcat. Same for Jessica with a gray armor. And Luke with a yellow t-shirt, jeans and some chain-style jewelry like a necklace.

Wanda's classic costume could absolutely work as an armor if it was the outer layer over a base, pink layer that covered her from head to toe.

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