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Personal History

Larkin lives with his wife Fran and fathered two sons, Ken and Jake, and two daughters, Claire and Holly.[1]

During the 1990s, Larkin lived in Hoboken, New Jersey.[1]

Professional History

Larkin worked mostly as a cover artist, including the second encounter between Spider-man and DC's Superman and covers for pocket books of the Fireside book series, where he went for a movie poster-like tsyle. Outside Marvel, Larkin did covers for Vampirella and The Rook for Warren Publishings, and worked for independent publishers like The Amazing Adventures of Holo-Man (Peter Pan Records), Lorelei: Building the Perfect Beast (StarWarp Concepts), 32 reprints of Lester Dent's Doc Savage novels (Bantam Books), and products funded by World Wrestling Entertainment to introduce some of their wrestlers such as Steve Austin, The Rock and the Undertaker.[1]

Marvel Team-Up Vol 1 128

John Morelli as Spider-Man and Joe Jusko as the Cap. Photo by Eliot R. Brown, retouched by Larkin.

Larkin also made retouches to the photo for the cover of Marvel Team-Up #128, mostly to remove Joe Jusko's moustache (as Jusko was disguised as Captain America).[2]

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