Quote1 Rrrrgh... Bodega Bandit. You are the worst arch-nemesis -- ever. Quote2
-- Spider-Woman src

The Bodega Bandit was a burglar, stopped numerous times by Spider-Woman. During one encounter, after stealing the register from a restaurant called Dollar Dog, Spider-Woman threw him into a dumpster.[3]

When Bodega Bandit tried to rob the Dollar Dog again, his pet dog, Bandito, was attacked and eaten by the Lizard. Spider-Woman confronted him in his dumpster over the Lizard's attack, but backed off upon realizing his dog was dead.[4] She later gave him her pet hamster, Pine Cone, as a replacement.[5]

After Spider-Woman lost her powers, the Bodega Bandit unwittingly restored Gwen Stacy's will to fight by asking why she stopped him from robbing a burger joint, noting that he actually admired Spider-Woman for being one of the few people willing to stand up to him and put him in his place.[6] Some time later, the Bodega Bandit robbed a convernience store of ice cream sandwiches only to be attacked by the Venom-corrupted Spider-Woman, who berated him before leaving him alone and terrified.[7] Despite this, the Bodega Bandit remained amicable towards her,[8] greeting her as though they were close friends and proudly considering himself her number-one archenemy.[9]

  • The Bodega Bandit is based on the McDonalds mascot "The Hamburgler," even using the Hamburgler's catchphrase after robbing a burger joint.[1]
  • The Bodega Bandit's identity is unknown, but his bio speculates him to be John Jonah Jameson III, a former astronaut who suffered a mental breakdown after returning from a space flight.[citation needed] However, this is proven incorrect by the appearance of Man-Wolf in Spider-Gwen: Ghost-Spider #5. Alternatively, he and his fellow Bunch of Bandits are speculated to be the same person - the avatar of a cosmic entity with a strange sense of humor.[2]

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