Boggies are a diminutive, impish race from an unnamed alien dimension. Their inquisitive nature has earned them a reputation as troublesome pests and they are consistently disliked by other, more advanced cultures.

Several years ago, a group of Boggies used their teleportation powers to infiltrate L'un Dun-T'wn – the floating island citadel of an evil sorcerer named Shagreen. Shagreen discovered the Boggies' presence and coveted their ability of teleportation for himself. However, he was unable to capture the fleet-footed creatures and decided instead to trap them within his fortress. Shagreen erected a mystical ward that rendered the Boggies unable to teleport away to freedom. However, he was unaware that Boggies could also hide inside of reflective surfaces such as mirrors. Although they were trapped inside the castle, they could roam about freely from chamber to chamber, just so long as there was a mirror present for them to exit from. Shagreen attempted to seek them out, but failed at every turn.

Some time later, the Boggies discovered that Shagreen had captured an alien mutant named Nightcrawler. They believed that Nightcrawler was merely an extremely tall Boggie and helped to free him from Shagreen's dungeon. In turn, Nightcrawler agreed to aid them in breaking the sorcerer's ward that bound them to the castle. The mutant X-Man fought with the wizard and succeeded in destroying his magic power-staff. When the power of the staff dissipated, the walls of L'un Dun-T'wn collapsed upon themselves. The Boggies were now free of captivity and promptly returned to their own community.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Teleportation. The exact nature and range of a Boggie's ability to teleport is unknown. Boggies can also hide within reflective surfaces and emerge whenever they choose to. Boggies can also fly for short distances by way of their bat-like wings.


Boggies are curious creatures by their very nature and are adept at scrounging, scavenging and hiding. Boggies also possess excellent night-vision.

Average Strength Level

Boggies do not appear to be particularly strong.





Boggies exist in an environment with a gravity similar to that of Earth (0.997 32g).


Boggies thrive in an oxygen/nitrogen rich atmosphere.


Type of Government


Level of Technology



Boggies do not refer to one another by name.


  • Boggies share many physical characteristics with another alien culture known as Bamfs. However, there is no genealogical relationship between the two, and as far as it is known, Boggies are not even aware of the Bamfs' existence.
  • Boggies also share common physical traits with the mutant X-Men known as Nightcrawler. The difference between the two is that Nightcrawler cannot hide within reflective surfaces and he does not possess wings (He is also much taller than the average Boggie).


  • While visiting the Boggie's native alien dimension, Nightcrawler was frequently mistaken for a Boggie.

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