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Bogotá was the capital city of Colombia. The government was unable or unwilling to provide the citizens with food, healthcare, schooling and water, thus local cocaine dealer El Caiman built wells and provided the services, not distributing the drug in his turf - at least that was El Caiman's version. The drug was then distributed to the United States of America.[1]

During the Evolutionary War, Bogotá was raided by the Eliminators, armored agents of the High Evolutionary who wanted to stop the drug for their own reasons, caring little about collateral damage to the civil population. Their attack coincidentally found Punisher there, tracking El Caiman. Punisher and El Caiman reluctantly allied against these hi-tech assassins, and they managed to stop them, but El Caiman was killed.[2]

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Little Caesar[1]


El Caiman, his minions and his daughter Lucinda[1]

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