Ultimate X-Men Vol 1 87 page 17 Bolivar Trask (Earth-1610)

Bolivar Trask was the owner of Trask Enterprise and the architect of the United States Government's 'Sentinel Initiative', a response to Magneto's terrorist attacks on Capitol Hill. Also he was the employer of Richard Parker and Edward Brock Sr. (the fathers of Peter Parker and Eddie Brock, Jr. respectively) when they created the symbiote suit as a cure for cancer project. Though, Trask, from his own agenda, sought to steal and use the basis of the sybmiote suit as a weapon.

Trask's Sentinel Initiative was controversial in allowing his Sentinels to patrol such cities as Los Angeles and New York City to eradicate any human containing mutant genes. However, these attacks ceased after the X-Men rescued the President's daughter from the Brotherhood of Mutants. Trask later discovered the location of the Savage Land, and by the order from the President of the United States, he dispatched his Sentinels to destroy Magneto's mutant haven. This proved to be a foolish move when Magneto easily reprogrammed the chromium-built machines to destroy humankind. After a subsequent Sentinel attack on Washington, D.C., the Sentinel Initiative was shut down forcing the government to sever all ties from Trask.

Sometime later, Trask hired Silver Sable and the Wild Pack to capture Eddie Brock Jr., who became Venom, in obtaining the symbiote suit. After meeting Brock face to face, Trask offered him the chance to remove the symbiote from him for good. However, during an experimental examination of Brock (as Venom) the Beetle abruptly broke into Trask's facility, allowing Venom to escape.

Later, and as a result of the failure of the Sentinel Initiative, Trask was employed by the Fenris twins to build new Sentinels to continue attacking mutants. Feeling horrified by all that he had done, Trask allowed himself to drop into the heart of an explosion and was killed.


Seemingly those of the Bolivar Trask of Earth-616.

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