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Bolivar Trask fled to London during the early days of Apocalypse's genetic culling of the United States. He joined the Human High Council and helped the council develop their Sentinel robots to defend Eurasia from mutants. He married Moira Kinross

Trask gathered with the other Council members when Weapon X (Logan) and Jean Grey returned from a mission to collect data from Sinister detailing Apocalypse's defense grid that could potentially wipe out all of Europe at any moment.[1]

While the Council discussed the potential for a missile attack by Apocalypse, they were attacked by Apocalypse's assassin Magma. They were saved from this attack by Weapon X and Jean Grey, who killed the attacker.[2] He was also present with the Council as they prepared a fleet of nuclear strike vessels to attack Apocalypse head on, a mission that was almost derailed by cyborg Donald Pierce. However, the mission went forward.[3] The Trasks, noticing fellow Council member Brian Braddock's erratic behavior, asked if he is well enough to lead the strike mission, causing him to storm off, angry at their lack of trust in him.[4] Their concerns were justified as Braddock attempted to betray them to Pierce, but he regained his senses but was ultimately killed by Pierce, and Pierce was in turn slain by Weapon X.[5]

Returning to London, the High Council entertained peace talks between Mikhail Rasputin, one of Apocalypses Four Horsemen. Unknown to the Council, Mikhail had no intention of making peace but sought to either eradicate humanity or use them as test subjects for his inhumane experiments in cybernetics.[6] After his plan was exposed Rasputin attempted to assassinate the High Council members with his Stryfe Force, but they were rescued by their security chief Victor von Doom and Donald Blake, the latter of whom sacrificed his life to kill Rasputin.[6]

The nuclear strike against America prompted Apocalypse to activate his sea-wall defense perimeter in retaliation, threatening to destroy all of Eurasia. Bolivar spent his seeming final moments with his wife Moira.[7]




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