Bolivar Trask was the inventor of the Sentinels and was much longer-lived than his Earth-616 counterpart. Like his partner Henry Gyrich, he wanted to strike against mutants with Sentinels, believing them to be threats to humans. After the X-Men destroyed his Sentinels,[1] he and Gyrich the Sentinel operation to Genosha. Again, the X-Men destroyed it.[2] Again, Trask and Gyrich rebuilt the Sentinel program and used Sentinels to rescue Senator Kelly from being assassinated by Magneto. However, the main Sentinel Master Mold turned on him and tried to take over the world. The X-Men were fortunately able to put an end to Master Mold.[3] Due the Master Mold fiasco, Trask and Gyrich were forced to go into hiding. They were kidnapped by Sentinels sent by Master Mold so they could witness his return. The X-Men again stopped Master Mold and rescued Trask and Gyrich.[4] What became of Trask after is unrevealed.


Seemingly those of Bolivar Trask of Earth-616.

Voiced by Brett Halsey.

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