Bolivar Trask was the owner of Trask Enterprise and also the employer of Richard Parker and Edward Brock Sr. (the fathers of Peter Parker and Eddie Brock Jr. respectively) who created the symbiote suit as a cure to cancer project. Though, Trask, from his own agenda, sought to steal and use the basis of the symbiote suit as a weapon.

Sometime later, Trask hired Silver Sable and the Wild Pack to capture Eddie Brock Jr., who became Venom, in obtaining the symbiote suit. After meeting Brock face to face, Trask explains that he wishes for Eddie to test the suit and to learn how to control it. He set Venom on Electro.

Trask entrusted Silver Sable with acquiring vital information on Spider-Man from Eddie, and after Spider-Man's capture, he allowed Adrian Toomes to experiment with Spider-Man to find a way of 'completing' the Suit.

After Eddie gained full control of the Suit, Spider-Man broke into Trask's office and demanded information on Richard Parker. As Trask was about to hand a file over, Venom attacks Trask, who fled to the rooftop helipad in panic. Spider-Man followed Trask, as does Venom. From within the helicopter, Trask opened fire on Venom, but Venom was unfazed, and he attempted to tip the helicopter off the roof. Only timely intervention from Spider-Man prevented this, although Trask ended up in SHIELD custody, and he was sentenced to several years in prison for his crimes.

Eddie visited Trask in prison, saying that he couldn't believe that for all Trask did, all he got was three years in a golf course prison. Trask protested that Eddie couldn't do anything to him there, as the guards would simply intervene and stop him. However, Eddie transforms into Venom and remarks, "They aren't nearly well armed enough." and killed Trask off screen.[1]



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